PC Defender Wireless Screen Lock - 2 Pack

I’ve only got one laptop…but why not

SecretPrices $19.99 (for 1)

PriceGrabber at $29.99 (for 1)

Can i remote desktop into the machine while im away and its locked?

It’s against my religion to buy anything requiring a dongle

pretty cool, and i can imagine it being usefull… but a little on the pricey side.

Man, what kind of paranoid so and so would need this?!?!?

I know a local radio program director who could use this. Maybe that afternoon drive guy would stop using his mail account to send filthy emails to the corporate honchos.


PC Defender Wireless Screen Lock - 2 Pack

  • $5 shipping
    2 PC Defender Wireless Screen Lock 9010500

A friend of mine has one and swears by it. I’m not paranoid enough to want one though.

BTW, 30 bucks on Froogle for 1 of them. Excellent deal


Seems neat. But is $20 really worth not having to type in a password? I’ll have to think about it.

Yahoo SHopping link… $19.99

BizRate Link… $19.99

Shopzilla Link… $19.99

…all these listings only have one store… and all three have that store being AMazon. SO you can just go to amazon if you want and get 1 of these for $19.99, not two. ALso, World Cup countdown is at only like 3 days… Anyone else excited… get yourself some nice Soccer Action Figures… they keep me company for ALLLL the games. Seriously.

so i should pay 25 bucks so that i dont have to hit “WIN + L” anymore? hmmmm… hell no.

will it boot the screen saver or something? does it turn off the monitor?

what happens when the battery runs out?

edit: nevermind, I see that you can still type in the password like normal. Wish I had something cool to say now that this is kinda awkward…

The most intriguing product woot has ever had.

What’s to keep someone from just pulling the stick out of the USB port and looking at all my pornogr… personal data files and information…?

What happens if someone was to come up and take the usb key out?

I’m in for sure. My coworker has one and now I can pretend to be cool also

eh, looks kinda cool but i don’t really think it’d serve a purpose for me. plus i hate putting big shit on my keys like that.

Why would you ever need these? There are lots and lots of free software options to do this… and this is no better than software, because if the snoop already has physical access to your machine, not having this tool isn’t going to stop him.

Waste of money if you ask me.