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In before the “no Marvin the Martian / false advertisement” comments.

I got the Innergie 95W Universal Adapter a few Woots ago. It is dead now, after maybe 6 months.

The adapter runs hot, but the manual says that’s normal. Normal it may be, but it’s almost hot enough to cause burns to exposed skin.

NONE of my other universal power bricks run nearly so hot. I think the Innergie’s internal design is junk, designed to heat stress the components and shorten the life, maybe so it can fit into a smaller package.

Too bad though. I liked the external design, it’s small and light, the pouch was nifty, and the USB charging was great. But I expect my power adapters to outlast my laptops!

Caveat Emptor

Anyone previously purchase the factory reconditioned AOC 27’ IPS monitor? The general reviews on the new monitors are good but I was wondering the quality of the factory reconditioned ones and if it was worth it.