Peachy Canyon 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack

Peachy Canyon 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Peachy Canyon 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
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Thought about the Zin last time around, didn’t end up diving in… any one less non-committal than I mind sharing their experience(s) with that offer? Also curious if anyone has a sense of what sort of year 2007 was for the Paso Robles region?

Love to know pH and TA on this, and also when it’s best to drink.

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If the wine maker happens by I’d be interested in how well this will cellar. It’s younger than I usually enjoy CS so any details about the style and age worthiness of other vintages would also be appreciated. Thanks!

haha. The dueling has begun. :slight_smile:

edit: On another topic, if there is a 2011 RPM tour, I would like to attend. I have learned a huge amount from the wine.woot community.

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It was purportedly a great year for California generally (better than 2005, many say), and especially for Cabs. Paso isn’t primarily known for its Cabs, though, from what I remember.

I didn’t go in on the Zin either, but this is tempting. I had a couple bottles of the Peachy Canyon PS the other night with friends. After the first was promptly emptied with dinner, they were given carte blanche to pick a second bottle off the rack, and picked another of the same. If that’s any indication…


My sentiments exactly…

Sign me up!

Two of the smartest wooted winemakers from Paso Robles are the Calcareous guys, and the Red Zeppelin winery chappie (links to come when i get back to my computer).

Look up their climate, region and local grape conditions thoughts!

Was ready to jump in but then alas, no Virginia. All iced in this AM-hoping for a call from work about a delay.

I haven’t had the cab, but the zin is wonderful. Generally speaking I’ve had some pretty good cabs from this region, but I’m not sure if this one is worth it . . . I’d really rather see their zin here!

Damn! I have been waiting for a cab that I want to jump on and no Virginia?? ><

That certainly is strange. I was going to grab this one as well (love Paso Robles) but this is the first time in forever I’ve not seen Virginia listed.

I can help anyone near the DC area. Send me a PM. Now time to go chip my car out of the ice.

*EDIT: by “help” I meant wootlegging, not with the ice. Just for clarification.

Isn’t it a mess? I nearly bit it walking my dog a little while ago. You basically need crampons to get anywhere.

I hear ya. I nearly bit it multiple times while trying to get the ice off the car. I gave up in the end and just let the car heater do all the work.