Peachy Canyon 2007 Snow Vineyard Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Peachy Canyon 2007 Snow Vineyard Zinfandel - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Peachy Canyon Winery 2007 Zinfandel Snow Vineyard

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I’m a huge fan on Zinfandels - they’re a great gateway wine, because they’re not hard on the palate. Peachy Canyon also sounds like it’d be fruiting, but it really isn’t any more than the next wine.

Have not had this specific wine, but I’ve had another of their Zins and really liked it. Very fruit-forward.

Yeah I’ve had their Zins and PS. Great stuff.

I’ve had Peachy Canyon’s 2005 PS and found it tremendous and interesting - so much so that I ordered three more bottles when it came up on WL’s free shipping site.

Given the number of different wines on CT, it looks like Zin is something of their specialty as well. This is highly tempting.

I thought zins were… pinker than this?

I live close to this Winery
Great wine!

You’re thinking white zin. Tooootttalllly different!

Tasted at Peachy Canyon just last weekend. Would buy, but bought then. Great wine, great price.

I have been to there winery a few times and liked the Zins a lot.

I will be back in after the sixteen wootoff bottles arrive!


Ok, so this may be an uninformed question, but unfiltered? What does that mean and how does it affect the drinkability? Does anything need to be done differently other than pop and pour? Decant? Pour sloooowly to avoid sediment? Help me out here, this sounds interesting!

Sure wish these were full-on Zins from the Duzi Vineyard…

$36 per bottle at the winery website.

Fond of zin so I’m definitely considering 2 or 3 units of this.

Meanwhile I’m still looking for a dependable, very well-priced 200-350 bottle cooler.

It means there is more likely to be sediment. Decanting will take care of it, as will using a vinturi since most of them come with a screen.

With a name like Peachy Canyon, you’d think they’d stick to the name and have a trend of a peach aroma or taste at least, but then there is a big letdown as they don’t have even the thought of them inside. Too bad… I would’ve bought the max if so.

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Why? That’s awful logic - like saying Coca-Cola should keep cocaine in the formula, or Ocean Spray should just be foamy saltwater. And besides - it’s not like you can just add “peach” flavor to wine the way you’d put it on a sno-cone. Also, this is zinfandel - that’d be disgusting. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Oh boy…Peachy Canyon…I love Peachy Canyon. Lush fruit, well crafted, great valued wines.

I am on a serious SIWBM but Peachy Canyon! It was hard enough to pass on the Wellington.

Let me know when you find one :frowning:

In case you have a local Costco, I’d recommend buying a wine cooler there. It is fully covered for at least two years. There are a couple online, but we just bought one in-store for $199. From the reviews I have read, wine fridges seem prone to fail early, so at least it’s covered for the first 2 years at no extra cost.