Peachy Canyon 2007 Snow Vineyard Zinfandel - 3 Pack Woot Info Post is your mom.

Peachy Canyon 2007 Snow Vineyard Zinfandel - 3 Pack - $59.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

3 * Peachy Canyon Winery 2007 Zinfandel Snow Vineyard

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I am studying for an Econ exam and I just saw Production and Curve right next to each other and kind of freaked out a little.

$7 shipping?

All those complaining that they didn’t buy enough last time, or didn’t buy last time, now is your chance!

Wait; they’re all asleep. Never mind.

This one is a winner: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Gold. Grapes are grown on the “westside” . . . in for two.

Woot, fix the shipping price . . .

So, how does this compare to the 2006 Pendroncelli you all talked me into? Except for, you know, the $10/bottle prince differnce.

PRODUCT>> Peachy Canyon 2007 Snow Vineyard Zinfandel 3-Pack
WOOT PRICE>> $59.99 + $5.00 Shipping (or is it $7.00?)
CELLARTRACKER>> Peachy Canyon Winery 2007 Zinfandel Snow Vineyard
WINERY WEBSITE>> Peachy Canyon Dot Com
PREVIOUS WOOT>> 2007 Snow Vineyard Zinfandel

I wish the Pedroncelli Zin had been offered at this time instead of this one. The east coasters need their beauty sleep and missed it.

I didn’t miss it, I just waffled to long…well I guess I did miss it then.

Cellar Tracker says 87.8 points with a median of 88 pionts on 4 reviews.

Cellar Tracker

$7 shipping? Typo? Those who purchased already, will they receive $2 back?

C’mon, it’s two bucks! A whopping $.66 per bottle added cost.

I can’t resist this time around.

And sad to have missed the conversation with the winemaker from the previous woot.

I love Peachy Canyone wines.

In for 1.

For those of us who haven’t had either, why would one pick one or the other? What makes the Peachy Canyon worth $10/bottle more than the Pedroncelli (or not)? Or are those with the space, money, and wine drinking volume buying 3 or each because they are both screaming deals? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m out for the Peachy Canyon simply because I don’t have deep pockets. Granted I could buy it, but choose not to, liking the price vs. quality vs. (perceived) value of the Pedroncelli over the Peachy Canyon.

From other discussions, I get the sense that the Snowy Canyon is really good Zinfandel, fruity and peppery and smooth, that is a good value at $22/bottle (but not cheap). The Pedroncelli seems to be a “really good for $12.50” Zinfandel, with good flavor, but maybe a little too much heat/alcohol and not as good a finish. If you were only going to buy one, and didn’t drink enough that 3 vs. 4 bottles is not a big issue, and the extra $16 isn’t too significant, which is the one you would want for when company drops by? Assuming it’s someone normal, and not someone with a 400-bottle wine cellar that’s restocked yearly :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing.


Sorry I missed this one,