Peak 12v Car-to-Car Charger

thought that was it!

I thought for sure the B O C was next…=(

Did we just start over again?

Smited!!! once again!!!

must have Bunch of Chicken

Yay the wootoff lives!!

how… anti-climactic…

Anyone test this, does it work?

This is pretty cool. Does anyone have experience with these? It would be so much more convenient to carry around than jumper cables.

Do these actually work? It’s hard to believe.

I grabbed one since I don’t have jumper cables in my car and you never know!

selling for $17.10 on Amazon, no reviews.

this is great for a smart car, because a smart car barely has enough room for humans, let alone jumper cables

Use for small cars only, and only batteries that aren’t completely dead, just weak from being drained. Otherwise you need jumper cables.

The Woot Gods do not want us to sleep.
The Woot Off will continue to infinity.

…they also don’t want us to say “don’t want” without the contraction. Hm.

for my wife this will kick ass
because her car stinks
but i will not give her mine

“When America Was Still Free”
… Hilarious!

Everyone should have one
or two
or three.

I want one! and I’d get one if I hadn’t bought those do hickeys earlier.