Peak 12v Car-to-Car Charger

Totally worth staying up for.

Uh oh…is this a two day woot-off?

and the hits keep coming

Can you be electrocuted multiple times?

Electrocution is also frequently used to refer to any electric shock received but is technically incorrect. Electrocution is the stopping of life (determined by a stopped heart) by any type of electric shock.

Yeah, I’m so glad I stayed up for this!

Charge your credit card and your car by purchasing this exciting item.

This is easily just as exciting as the grandma Bible laptop bag.

I will buy twice as many!

That was fast

it seems like it’s been going on forever

Alrighty woot, let’s bang out 4-5 quick deals

If I don’t see a bag soon, I’m heading to Texas and bringing one to fill.

A charge in under 20 minutes, you say? I’ll keep my Black & Decker jump box, thank you!

Ok, people… lets get this moving! All you men that were complaining about the female oriented woots better shut-up and WOOT-IT-UP!!!

These are great for folks who can’t be trusted with real jumper cables.

I wonder if your alternator fails if you can just hook these into two vehicles and drive down the highway powering your car via the cigarette lighter? :wink:

Whew, time to call it a night. Nothing here to see. Move along.

I. need. my. Bowl of Cereal.

Wow this is pretty cool actually.

Aren’t they always? or do they just seem that long

Wow,someone actually bought one.