Peak 12v Car-to-Car Charger

These are great if you have plenty of time to waste.

These woots burn!



Alas, my cigarette lighter…ahem…power outlet no longer works on my Mazda. No jump starts for me. :frowning:

lol and we need a car to car charger because?

Did the last one sellout, or what happened?

Are these good for playing Mechanic in the bedroom? Perhaps to jump start your relationship?

Previous woot

Peak hasn’t heard of jumper cables.

Wow, they are on a roll with some decent loot this round. Goot Job Amawoot!

These things are pretty popular this day.

boo my first boo of the wootoff

Read this

Would have totally bought it, sold out too fast!

This thing is a terrible idea. It would take forever for a car to transfer enough power to start a dead car.

Not to be used as a suppository.

There were only 3? (:

serious question here… my car has two 12v outlets. what would happen if i plugged both ends of this charger into them? would i no longer have to use a battery because one outlet would be charging the other?