Peak Performance Car-to-Car Battery Charger & Jumpstarter - 2 Pack Woot Info Post - like su.sretoow, but backwards

Peak Performance Car-to-Car Battery Charger & Jumpstarter - 2 Pack [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Peak Performance 12 Volt Car-to-Car Charger/Jumpstart

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A friend of mine has this, it doesn’t work that well. Maybe 3/10.

To those that wonder, the time this takes to actually jump your car is considerable. IMHO you’re better off with a good ole’ pair of 6 or 4 gauge jumper cables.

Keep one in your car just in case!

These don’t work when the temperature is below zero. You need the regular jumper cables

These work poorly or not at all if there is a fuse for the cigarette lighter in your car.

How long is “I just need to get the car started and I can charge it on the way home” time?

And is this better/worse than, say, those giant battery packs that you throw in the trunk?

Regarding the warning in the description: Don’t all vehicles today have on board computerized systems?!

Definitely worth it if you don’t have a lot of room in your vehicle for full size cables… also if it is just a small loss in battery juice. If the battery is dead… you may want to look for the bigger cables.

I may look into this for my Sky… there is no room in that.

Does the fuse get blown easily?

If yes, when it needs to be replaced, is that easy?

These don’t work! You can’t transfer enough electricity through the small wires and 15 amp fuse in your cigarette lighter to effectively recharge a dead battery! Don’t buy them!

Cool, take 5-20 minutes and possibly damage your cars electronics instead of the immediate, safe method with jumper cables. What a steal.

Seems a lot safer and easier than jump starting a car, for those of us that don’t know how.

Yeah, there’s a pretty small limit to the power you can pull from a cigarette lighter - I mean “A/C” port.

If you left something on and ran your battery down, this would work eventually. But for a quick jump or an actual failed battery (can’t hold a charge) you’d be in a pickle, of sorts.

These are like sending a boy* to do a man’s work.

*to be more precise…a little girly boy.

So when the description says:

“Just plug the donor power plug into the A/C outlet of the running car and the recipient power plug into the A/C outlet of the car with the dead battery…”

Does that mean Woots’ cars are running on Air Conditioning? Alternating Current? Half of a big hair 80’s rock group?

How does that work?

Hey, Woot copy staff, last I checked, there’s no A/C outlets in a car. Looks more like this thing plugs into the D/C cigarette lighter ports every car has.

EDIT: Looks like mediaocker beat me to the punch.

Jump starting a car via the cigarette lighter receptacle is one the worst ideas anyone has ever come up with. Get a good set of real jumper cables, and/or a good battery pack starter.

Why not just carry real jumper cables? They work on any vehicle, and are almost as simple to use.