Pear Valley Paso Robles Rose (6)

Pear Valley Paso Robles Rose 6-Pack
$59.99 $̶9̶6̶.̶0̶0̶ 38% off List Price
2012 Pear Valley Rose, Paso Robles, Pear Valley Vineyard
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Not the rose im looking for based on the specs. Viognier? Orange Muscat? RS? High PH? Pass. On the bright side, the price is spot on!

I’ve had the pleasure of trying this and I quite enjoyed it. I’m still a novice at providing detailed/descriptive tasting notes, but I can say this…

The nose is sweet, however, this wine is surprisingly dry on the palate. It is very smooth and well balanced. Not at all metallic tasting like other rosés can be. This is a great everyday wine to enjoy on a summer day.

I’m definitely in for one, but I don’t need 6 bottles. Anyone in the Twin Cities interested in a split?

I haven’t had this, but I have some 2005 Pear Valley Syrah I’ve been working on (got a case) and it’s been pretty darn good.

I’m a huge fan of the Paso wineries: Peachy Canyon, Vina Robles (discovered via wine.woot in its early days), and others. In for two, because a case is better than a half case. Looking forward to trying this out. We will pay the winery a visit next time we drive down.

do they still do the labrat? I never got super shipping speed to taste and post reviews.

The 4% Viognier helps add structure (body, mouthfeel) and achieve the desired coloration. The 1% Orange Muscat gives it just a little hint of sweetness with some citrus notes. 0.1 residual sugar is generally considered the threshold of detectability, and 0.12 is barely above that threshold so this wine should be fairly dry.

Agree that the pH looks a little high but the TA is also high, which somewhat offsets the pH, or at least it should afa the perception of acidity on the palate.

I went to buy this deal and found out it was not available in New York state. Bummer. That is the first time I have been denied on woot because of where I live. Oh well, maybe next time.

Something is going on with NY but we don’t have details yet.

Is it to do with the three-tier law they ruled on earlier this year. I know NY was supposed to have adopted that law, Illinois was kicking it around but gratefully the idea was nixed as far as I know.

Intrigued by this bizarre blend for a rosé. It may be split worthy just to try at this price point.

Edit: and found some splitters so I’m in for 1.

The alcohol distributer s lobby is ridiculous that they get these type of laws passed.