Pear Valley Vineyards 2009 Mixed White - 4 Pack

Pear Valley Vineyards 2009 Mixed White - 4 Pack
$42.99 + $5 shipping
1 2009 Tom’s Oak Chardonnay
1 2009 Chardonnay (Stainless)
1 2009 Sauvignon Blanc
1 2009 Muscat Canelli
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WD really needs to pop in with a 2nd clue, especially when his first is that misleading (Rubenesque = Pear?) :tongue:

And since I just made room in the wine locker …

Pear Valley Vineyards 2009 Mixed White - 4 Pack
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My time machine appears to be going in the opposite direction!

Summertime, and the whites are flowing. Interesting combination; the Tom’s Oak seems to be an outlier in terms of style.

A Muscat Canelli! Is this a sweet one? I’ve only ever had sweet wines from this. And generally from idiosyncratic winemakers, like at Bella Vista. And as dessert wines they’ve so far been generally excellent!

Should be. I don’t think I’ve had a non-sweet one.

Mom is coming to visit next month, so it’d be good to have some (more) whites on hand…

Anyone else surprised by the alcohol on the chard and SB?

Also, for reference, the standard retail from the winery is $64 for the set, or $80 with CA tax and shipping:
[]2009 Tom’s Oak Chard. $24.00
]2009 Chardonnay $15.00
[]2009 Sauvignon Blanc $13.00
]2009 Muscat Canelli $12.00

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Looking at the stats it seems not: Brix 24, which makes sense dry with pH3.56. Curiouser and Curiouser!

Also looking at the stats, you can tell how much the malolactic fermentation affected the oaky Chard (tom’s) also by the pH which is so high at 3.8 compared with the moderate-high non-malo stainless chard at 3.55. Both a bit high in alcohol! Curious also to hear how they taste.

Like the look of the Sauvignon Blanc though: a nice mouthwatering 3.4pH and 7+ TA. Again, alc a little on the high side, but could be very crisp.

I’ve never seen a group of white wines all with such high alcohol. Why are they all around 15% and is it obvious on the nose?

And while we’re at it: if you live in / are called Pear Valley, surely you should also make some kind of pear wine? Or Pear Cider? Or Pear Mead? Or…

Possibly because of the region they are from.
Paso Robles is a hotter climate then Napa & Sonoma and you’ll notice that most of the wines we see on WW from this region are higher in alc.

Was 2009 particularly hot? We are headed to that area in less than two weeks and will most likely be tasting quite a few 2009 wines. Good trend to look out for.

No idea about how hot the year was. I do love Paso Syrah, and it usually ticks up around the 15% range if not closer to 16%. Should be a great time of year to go, not too hot yet and its been raining a lot so far this year so everything should be green.

Hungarian oak! Isn’t that supposed to add a certain spiciness - cinnamon, clove, and whatnot?

is that what we tried on our birthday?

Pear Valley is also the winery that is running a deal on their 2005 Syrah for $60 a case. I ordered one around the time of the last woot-off, but I haven’t opened any yet.

I have had dry Muscats before, and they can be lovely. Looking at the alcohol, I would think that fermentation was complete and therefore the wine was dry. If it was in the 10-12%, then I think you would find quite a bit of residual sugar, but I don’t think so at 15.1%.

can u open one this morning? :slight_smile: sounds like a steal!

It’s still sitting at my UPS store box, and I’m sitting at work. :slight_smile: Some other people ordered them as well on the deals thread, so maybe they’ll chime in.