Pearl iZUMi Men's Escape Quest Shorts

They look like cycling shorts, the model is wearing cycling shoes… Yet no mention of the type of inner padding for the seat. The photo looks like there is no padding. Zero padding and riding a Road Bike 50+ miles is not for the faint of arse.

It has Pearl izumi’s standard chamios:

New blended thickness SELECT Escape 1:1™ Chamois for chafe-free comfort

This is their entry level line (Select). Next step up is elite. Then pro.

then where does the pursuit comes in?

They do have a pad but it is a significant downgrade from their other shorts. I bought these thinking I would get the same basic pad as other PI shorts. The pad is thicker (in what I would call a bad way) and is roughly sewn at the edges instead of being tapered like their higher end shorts. I’m debating sending them back because they look like they would chafe.

I am a fool, I bought 4 of these…shorts, and I can tell you they do not compare to Pearl iZumi that you would buy at REI. The single stitching is wide, and looks like it was sewing in by elephants, the padding is less than bad, and the emblem will probably wash off after the first wash. Well you get what you paid. for…Woot, you suckered me again. Enjoy my money.