Pearls For Your Swine

I really doubt that my wife would like being referred to as a swine!

I was kinda confused by the choice of headline too, but this is actually a pretty good deal on long strands of freshwater pearls.

I have a 6o inch strand of freshwater pearls I got somewhere long ago for more than any of these are listed for, and it’s become my go-to jewelry when I don’t know what else to wear. Definitely something useful to have in the jewelry box. Got several more colors from this sale, which should be a nice addition to my collection.

Trying to find their number. i really don’t
appreciate being refereed to as swine…

I have tried multiple times to call…
i am so done with you site and i hope every other woman is aswell. i do not appreciate being called swine and i hope all women are with me

Uhm, you’re the one that did the wife = swine connection. We said pearls for your swine.

Comes from a biblical quote. Then there’s Pearls Before Swine, the comic. Really good. Love Rat.

I guarantee you that they writers weren’t thinking about you when they wrote it. Humor is subjective. Some like it and some don’t.

As for phone, we don’t have phone support, just email ( And… holiday.

Sorry you were upset.

I guranfuckingtee over half your buyers are women. I do not appreciate this. It is bad taste. Period. Anyone with half a brain cell can understand that.

I’m terribly confused. I’m familiar with the quote (and the comic), noticed Woot was goofing on it in their usual way, and that’s all. I’m honestly surprised at the hostility some are showing. Who said ‘swine’ was referring to wives? Lots of people buy jewelry for a variety of people.

It’s a joke. Maybe not the best one, but still… just a joke. Besides, I bet pigs (the real kind) would look quite fetching in pearls.

I find it terribly amusing…

But you show pearls on cleavage

funny joke is still funny

I figured it out – Woot isn’t calling women swine. So women must be the ones buying and wearing the pearls, and the swine the people looking at them and thinking “Boobies!” or “semen joke!!,” rather than appreciating them. That, or we’re just supposed to know the biblical reference without knowing what what it actually means.

Nope… The title is just plain stupid. It’s not funny. I’m thinking woot might best avoid attempts at humor rooted in scripture, or perhaps retain a rabbi, priest or minister on the payroll who has a sense of humor, who can do a humor check before this kind of stuff is run.

I think it’s funny. Other people think it’s funny. That you do not is your choice, but to say across the board that it isn’t funny is overstepping.

There’s a popular comic strip called “Pearls Before Swine.” I’ve read it for years, after Scott Adams of “Dilbert” recommended it on his blog. It’s an utterly ridiculous pun-filled comic about talking animals. They use the title in a comedic way, too.

Woman here. Not at all bothered by the wordplay.

Can we maybe talk about the jewelry now, please?

[QUOTE=peaceetc, post:14, topic:439176]
I think it’s funny. Other people think it’s funny. That you do not is your choice, but to say across the board that it isn’t funny is overstepping.

To say that it isn’t funny isn’t overstepping; it’s an expression of an opinion. But to say that saying it isn’t funny is overstepping is overstepping.

Umm, I’m really not sure what the hostility is about. If you are so insulted why do you bother to even contribute to the spectacle of others watching you melt down? I am sure I’m not alone when I say if you find this “biblical reference” insulting then maybe you should read your bible more. If you don’t subscribe to religion then maybe you should just trust those that assure you it is a biblical reference and truthfully has nothing to do with “YOU”. The self importance this type of outrage expresses is ridiculous. For those interested, here is the quote:

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

This reads, if you can’t figure it out that you shouldn’t waste your time on those that don’t deserve it (Kind of like what I am doing now). The joke is actually quite good as most men (and women for that matter) fall prey to many of the wrong people in life. Woot thought they might help you out and make it at least cheaper to waste your time (Kind of like I am doing right now). Have a nice day!

Let us end all this stepping – over, under, or otherwise – and go pet a pig or something. My legs are tired.

Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm.

I love pearls! I love bacon! I love the irreverent reference! If folks are leaving woot because of this, well, I can’t imagine how much fun it is to be your friends! Oy vey!