Pearls & Gemstones Of Wisdom

I have two questions about the “ZKS Designs Multi Color Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Necklace.”

  1. What is the length of this piece?
  2. What type of clasp (if any) does it have?
  1. 200"!
  2. “Continuous” so no clasp.

Hope that helps.

Well I certainly failed my reading comprehension on that one didn’t I?
Thank you for providing the brain power for me!
I’ll just go derp over here now. :slight_smile:

It was easy to miss, don’t beat yourself up :stuck_out_tongue:

Re “shades of Green Shell Pearls”

It is my understanding that “SHELL PEARLS” are fake pearls–just pulverized shell and epoxy/plastic binder formed in the shape of a spherical pearl…