Pearly In The Morning

A little help, fellow wooters?

I know nothing about pearls, in terms of quality where would these rank:

  1. Good enough to give your Wife
  2. Fine for a young man to give his girlfriend
  3. Totally for suckers and best avoided

With an obvious range in-between.

My guess is somewhere around #2. The FGS-48 model is going for $75 here on eBay, but I also don’t know much about pearls.

I did notice that the bracelet in that particular set is strung on elastic - which usually suggests lower quality and a costume jewelery type of feel.

Also, noticed that the features section here on Woot lists that these are made in Canada, but when I google the company ‘Splendid Pearls’ I find some references that they are actually a Chinese company (and their website doesn’t have any helpful info on it whatsoever). The Hong Kong version of their site here has more info but aside from the URL I can’t tell if that’s actually the same company…

Personally, I’d pass on this one unless I was really looking for some pearl earrings. (And I’d wonder if the pearls were really set in gold or if they are set in gold-plated something.)

I can’t speak to the quality of these bracelets specifically, but I did get a multi-colored fresh water pearl necklace from Woot last December, as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law, and she loves them. I bought a freshwater pearl necklace for myself a month or so ago, and am quite happy with its quality. In fact, I’m quite happy with the quality of all of the jewelry I’ve purchased from Woot, which is why I’m back here now for the bracelets.

Hello. What are the color names of pearls? It says multi-color but they are not detailed for individual pearl color. They also say freshwater but is it type of pearl?