Peavey Electric Guitar & Amp Bundle



Every school I attended had Peavey products in the gym or auditorium.


Buy the Orange and spray paint it black.

Literally the same guitar with a different paint job is not worth $20.



For that extra twenty bucks you also get

Tuner with Batteries
Spare Strings
Instructional DVD


The black also has a few extra items “in the box”.

Check out the Specs tab.


Does the amp go to 11?


The strap isn’t listed for the black one, but it’s in the picture.


If you want to learn to play guitar, get the black, as it includes extra strings, a stand, and the ever important instructional DVD.

If you already know how to play guitar, get the lavender and you can smash it like a real rocker. Probably not much else you’ll want to do with it.


Actually if you read the description, the black guitar comes with a tuner, spare strings, and a dvd. Considering the value of the tuner and strings (about $15) and ignoring the dvd because learning on the Internet is free, its about $5 for a paint scheme that does not look like a poor spray paint job.


Thanks. I’ll see about getting that added.


Bought the black bundle last month for my 10 year old. Even though it came in 2 factory sealed boxes it was missing all the extras. Still waiting on woot to do an exchange, but they haven’t responded in a week.


Sorry about that. I’ll email them and see if that helps. Be sure to check your spam folder though.


Nothing like good old American rock and roll…

Played on a Chinese guitar…

It’s supposed to be Led Zeppelin, not lead PAINT!!!

Seriously…go to a guitar store, try out some of the used stuff and buy one that speaks to you. Pass on this garbage.


The specs read like an okay instrument.
I’m surprised to read it’s a solid body guitar with a rosewood fingerboard.
Similarly priced intro guitars are nearly always pressed wood.
This is not the case here.

The price is a little puzzling. If I were to have to guess at how they did this, I’d say the hardware (machine heads, bridge, etc) and amp will be really really bad.

Not to say that you couldn’t upgrade them, but, you generally get what you pay for.

Might be fun, but for me, fun is dangerous with instruments when it’s cheap. Fun and cheap can mean difficult to play, and that can mean your kid will never get over the frustrating stumbling blocks of a guitar that cannot be played or sound at all how they want it to.
The guitar is tricky for this reason already. If you add an impossibly low quality instrument to the equation, it could be a real shame.

I’d be very very interested to hear if anyone has any experience with these models.


Really wish the black came without the accessories and was priced the same as the orange.


I got the orange one and received it yesterday. Looks nice and feels very solid. It had very sharp fret ends, due to wood shrinkage (common in guitars made over seas, even higher priced ones). I was planning on picking up a fret end file to remedy the problem, but after sitting in my living room for only 24 hours, it has already started to fix itself (quite noticeably). My guess is a few more days sitting out in the open will be enough to fix the problem, so I’m going to wait on buying that file. The intonation will most likely need to be adjusted. A tuner will definitely be helpful with that. There are free ones to download for smartphones and tables, if you don’t have one. It’s something anybody can easily do with a phillips screw driver and a tuner. Just google it. Didn’t take me too long and the intonation is now perfect. So far, I don’t see anything wrong with the guitar. Plays fine. After stretching the strings, it stays in tune just fine. The strings are new, so retuning is normal in the beginning, but the more you retune, the longer it’ll stay in tune. I played it for an hour or so and it was still in tune after that. I bought it for a second guitar to play Rocksmith with and this fits the bill nicely. I haven’t tried the amplifier. I’ve got a nice amplifier for my bass that works just fine, so I’ll probably either sell (or give) this to my brother in-law or just put it on Craigslist for $20 (or $25, but let them talk me down to $20). So far, though, I’m happy with the guitar. If you look at the previous sales threads for these (if you can find them!), you’ll notice that everybody that has wooted these has been satisfied. I am.


bought this last time around for my 10 yr old (xmas gift). He loves it. He’s never played (nor have I). we’re using the video and learning together.

one review mentioned that new strings need frequent retuning. i’m glad i read that, b/c it was getting frustrating! all good now, I’ll tune a few more times and see how it goes.

otherwise, for this new guitar player, seems like a good deal…i’m happy/kid’s happy, what else do you need? :wink:


Bought myself the black one for Christmas. I’ve never tried playing before, so I wasn’t going to drop a lot of money on one. So far, I’m pretty happy with it. It stays in tune for days, and the sound is good enough for me to tell whether I’m hitting the right chords or not. It did come with the strap, as well as the other items listed.


As an owner of a 1997 evh wolfgang i just had to try this little peavy…the orange is cool …i wanted a single coil /hb without tremolo bridge for tuning stability…this is a great gift for beginner or to mod or experiment on set up /intonation, truss rod adjustments for the tinkerer cannot go too wrong with basswood body maple neck and rosewood frets .low end asian product has supposedly improved due to computer milling of parts we shall see


The only thing worth your time is the stand. The tuner will be junk, trust me. Your better off getting a clip on tuner. I recently bought a bunch of Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Tuners for like $12 or so each. Strings are cheap, unless you are buying coated or cobalts or something crazy like that, and if you are you are probably not interested in a $50 guitar. And I don’t know anyone that has ever learned to shred by watching the free DVD lessons that came with their cheap guitar.

Don’t get me wrong, I bought one of the lavenders for my daughter as a starter guitar. It’s a great price for a guitar that you don’t care if it gets bashed around. But, expensive equipment is expensive for a reason. So the $20 extra you are spending for sub-par extras might be better put towards better stuff you can use with your next guitar.