Peavey Electric Guitar & Amp Bundle

bought this last time around for my 10 yr old (xmas gift). He loves it. He’s never played (nor have I). we’re using the video and learning together.

one review mentioned that new strings need frequent retuning. i’m glad i read that, b/c it was getting frustrating! all good now, I’ll tune a few more times and see how it goes.

otherwise, for this new guitar player, seems like a good deal…i’m happy/kid’s happy, what else do you need? :wink:

Bought myself the black one for Christmas. I’ve never tried playing before, so I wasn’t going to drop a lot of money on one. So far, I’m pretty happy with it. It stays in tune for days, and the sound is good enough for me to tell whether I’m hitting the right chords or not. It did come with the strap, as well as the other items listed.

As an owner of a 1997 evh wolfgang i just had to try this little peavy…the orange is cool …i wanted a single coil /hb without tremolo bridge for tuning stability…this is a great gift for beginner or to mod or experiment on set up /intonation, truss rod adjustments for the tinkerer cannot go too wrong with basswood body maple neck and rosewood frets .low end asian product has supposedly improved due to computer milling of parts we shall see

The only thing worth your time is the stand. The tuner will be junk, trust me. Your better off getting a clip on tuner. I recently bought a bunch of Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Tuners for like $12 or so each. Strings are cheap, unless you are buying coated or cobalts or something crazy like that, and if you are you are probably not interested in a $50 guitar. And I don’t know anyone that has ever learned to shred by watching the free DVD lessons that came with their cheap guitar.

Don’t get me wrong, I bought one of the lavenders for my daughter as a starter guitar. It’s a great price for a guitar that you don’t care if it gets bashed around. But, expensive equipment is expensive for a reason. So the $20 extra you are spending for sub-par extras might be better put towards better stuff you can use with your next guitar.

The only thing I can think of that would make it difficult to play would be the setup. The saddles look adjustable from the picture, and I don’t think anyone makes a guitar that you can’t adjust out the bend in the neck, at least enough to make it playable. I don’t see someone playing this guitar for life, but as a starter instrument I have seen worse.

My opinion: buy this guitar if 1) you want something to start your kid off on, but don’t want to drop several hundred on a guitar they may decide to never play again, 2) you want something to “play” with, including getting into custom modifications and painting, or 3) have $50-$100 lying around and just want to spend it on something. Do not buy this guitar if 1) you plan to use it to launch your rock career, 2) know you are going to be playing for a long time and just want something that will last you a long while, or 3) have perfect pitch and would be driven crazy by an instrument that was not intonated properly.

Bought the black one for my 10 year old cousin for a first guitar. When it showed up I couldn’t resist playing, and was pleasantly surprised.
The whole guitar is a bit smaller then a Les Paul or strat, it fits my cousin much better than either of those. The Body is Basswood (IIRC) and both it and the neck feel solid and well made. The intonation and action both needed a little adjustment, which was no suprise considering the price point, but both can be easily fixed.
The Hardware is a little hit or miss. Tuners seemed fine, even as I brought it to my band’s practice and “put it through it’s paces”. The Pickups have a clear tone, but are cheap, as would be expected from a starter guitar like this. The biggest complaint I had is actually that the way they designed the strap buttons wouldn’t hold onto the strap itself, it kept jumping off! But that’s a pretty quick easy fix.
The amp that came along with it is a total joke, probably best used as a paperweight. But that’s about what I expected. The other extras all seemed to be fine, but nothing special.
All things considered, This is probably the best value for a starter guitar I’ve seen. I’m thinking about picking one up for myself for something to drop new pickups into and screwing around with.

perfect for stage smashing!

The amp does have a headphone jack, so it’d probably be useful for that.

this times 1000

Here is another option- not a guitarist, so I could’t honestly tell you if it’s better or not:

I bought the purple one here at woot for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas. It was purchased more as a toy than as a serious instrument- I figured if she shows some interest, I’ll get her a small 1/2 size acoustic to learn on. I was surprised what $50 would buy. The amp and cord were totally cheap (but I expected that much, they were pretty much freebies and at least usable). The guitar seemed pretty decent, it felt good, the hardware looked decent for such a cheap buy.

Here is a youtube review of the rockmaster

Hell, I HATE cheap guitars but would buy the black one if it was without the accessories and cheaper. I’d just have someone famous sign it and hang it in my studio.

Does anyone know if this has a 1/4 inch amp jack? I want to buy this for my 12 year old. He has never played before but we just purchased the Xbox 360 game that teaches him how to play a real guitar. It is called Rocksmith. He needs to have a guitar with a 1/4 inch amp jack to use the game. Thanks for any help you can give me.

All you need is to go to Radio Shack and they should have a conveter from standard to 1/4 in jack.

Thanks so much. Do you think this would be an ok starter guitar? I just can’t decide!

Looks like the $49 purple one is gone.

I’m glad I already got mine. I bought 2 of these. That one and the orange retro fire. Nice entry level guitars. I’ve been having alot of fun tweaking mine and seeing what kind of tone I can get.

Here is a video I found on the Orange Retro Fire:

Not the best musician, but you can see that the guitar is playable. That black one is still tempting me. :slight_smile:

Here is another video of someone who knows how to play pretty well. He is playing one of the current Peavy Rockmaster models- in super hero fashion. This one is only 3/4 size. Similar to the purple one that was offered, but smaller.

Enjoy this one!

Yes, these have 1/4 inch jacks. I could be wrong, but I think all guitars do. I also have Rocksmith and I bought the orange guitar and it works great for the game. Remember, though, you’ll probably need to adjust the intonation of the guitar, which is easy enough with a phillips screwdriver and instructions can be found online. You’ll probably want an electronic tuner for that. Yes, Rocksmith has a tuner built in, but it’s really only for the open strings and it won’t tell you if the fretted note is sharp or flat, so you won’t know which way to adjust it.

Worth noting that he has a separate video detailing how he modded this “toy” to make it “playable”.

i got the guitar in two days and was impressed with the fit and finish,action good smooth straight neck…no fret buzz…pick ups ok tuners ok very playable after tuning cleaned fret board and strings and may get fret file to refine edges little amp works ok too…i am satisfied and a one year warranty thru Peavy for 84$ is a steal

Got this Friday. There was some fret buzz on the lower two strings when strumming with no frets pressed down. I adjusted the action higher on those two strings and they no longer buzz except when the second or third fret is pressed. Any suggestions?