Peavey Electronics

Peavey just closed their lone American plant and shipped everything overseas - screwing all their employees in Mississippi. I’m not going to support them, no matter how inexpensive they are.

That’s a bummer. Bottom line though, it’s not Peavey’s fault they’ve been taxed out of doing manufacturing in the US. There are 99 guys losing their jobs in Meridian, and that’s a tough blow, but an even tougher blow would be the other 2,300 people losing their jobs because the company can’t compete and remain in competition.

They aren’t exactly the first company to figure out that doing manufacturing in the US is prohibitive when all you competition is producing overseas.

If you want to do more than just whine about it, I’d suggest hammering your state and federal congressmen about overbearing tax policies that drive business away from our borders.

The Asian version of NAFTA being pushed through right now
will send any manufacturing jobs left to China…
and everyone is busy talking about deflated footballs

The next step will be to slap their name on items they had nothing to do with in terms of design and coast along on “name recognition” until people finally figure it out.

The American revolution in the 1700’s was partly because we were a colony that shipped raw material to England and they made it into stuff and sold it back to us. The USA is effectively becoming a colony of China.

So…um…anyone actually use the PA system?

Edit: Fair reviews on Amazon. No word on bass response though.

Hey Ragordy,

I recently did a boatload of research on small PAs for an acoustic guitar type act. Bottom line seems to be that this would be really nice for that use in smallish venues like coffee shops, etc. Bass would be adequate for vocals, guitars, but not at all enough for a thumping DJ type gig.

Thanks. I have friends doing a fashion show in a warehouse setting. I guess this wouldn’t work.

I’m very familiar with an older model of a Peavey Escort. It’s over 5 years old, but is still almost identical to this model (mine lacks the USB inputs). It is easy to setup and pack away. It rolls on wheels like luggage, so one person and get the whole PA setup in one trip with little effort. It was powerful enough for use in a packed school gym. I would have like more RCA inputs (while my old version is a little different then this one, I think they both only have one)

It seemed rugged, we’re sort of careful with it, but it still rides around in the back of pickups and moving trucks. Maybe not the best environment, but nothing too extreme. It is only used 2-3 times a year. I mention this because…

It recently it stopped output putting sound on one channel (repairing it was a long story, maybe not Peavey’s fault for why it’s still messed up).

Sure things break, I’m not saying not to buy one because of my experience, but keep in mine if ONE part breaks (a speaker, the board) then the whole system is ruined. Sure you can get a new mixer amp or speakers - but it won’t all pack into a single unit again.

I’d stick with separate, component parts.

Also this doesn’t come with a microphone (I think the older version did) or the mixer stand (which you’re prob going to want).