Peavey WFS 3.70 Wireless AirPlay® Speaker System

Peavey WFS 3.70 Wireless AirPlay? Speaker System
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Misleading audio specs. Saying 20hz to 20khz is meaningless.

The comparably sized Audioengine A2 (which I like) for example quotes 65hz to 20khz +/- 2db. That’s a real spec- tells us how much variance over that range. 2db is tight.

A small speaker like this is lucky to be 6db down at 50hz and at 20 it’s going to be so far down as to be useless. That’s physics, but since I can’t find a review from anyone who’s heard these knowing if they are at least pretty flat over a reasonable frequency range would give some insight into sound quality.

Ever since the episode of Undercover Boss where the COO basically lied to employees, I’ve pretty much refused to buy any Peavey products.

This will date me and be curmudgeonly, and I know all the convenience of 10,000 songs blah blah, but it seems as though it were easier to just whip out an album and throw it on the turntable vs making sure every item I owned was on the network, connected, right app up. Sorry, useless comment, its just been on my mind every time I use Airplay or bluetooth or whatever. Again, I apologize for just venting. So, anyone used Tidal yet?

You forgot the part about “get off my lawn.”


half the price

you rotten kids!

Are there any benefits to an Airplay connection over a standard Bluetooth one?

I haven’t used Airplay much, and would like to know if there is something additional I’m getting here over a standard bluetooth speaker set.


I know this is old, but the major differences are that AirPlay is lossless while Bluetooth is lossy and AirPlay runs over wifi, so distance is less of an issue.