Pebble Smartwach for iPhone or Android

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Pebble Smartwach for iPhone or Android
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Solid Reviews over at Best Buy

I have one, wore it about a week before the novelty wore off. The screen is too small to really read so as soon as I got a text I ended up pulling out my phone to read it. That and you need to charge it every day.

The Samsung and iWatch are leaps ahead of this somewhat obsolete piece of tech.

Good price though, I paid a lot more for mine.

One other thing, it’s not water resistant. Don’t shower or swim with it on.

It’s not the prettiest or feature-full watch out there, but what it does, it does well.

I used a Pebble every day before it mysteriously disappeared(I suspect my dog hid or buried it)

I think, if you are okay with the look of it, it’s still one of the best options for a smartwatch out there. The battery lasts all week and the screen is always on, so you don’t have to worry about it and it always functions well as a watch first.

It handles notifications pretty damn well, and there are a few third party apps that help with anything that might not be immediately compatible.

I found it perfect for checking text messages, or simply knowing who is calling me before pulling out my phone at work. Sometimes it’s the boss!

I don’t think the flood of $200+ smartwatches have added enough to justify their price tags, and the majority of them leaving their screens off and having poor battery life make them seem pretty useless to me. Unless voice commands are super important to you, this is a great smartwatch.

I bit on the G-Watch on woot the other day to replace my lost pebble. If I had known this was coming up I would have just gotten another pebble.

The battery easily lasts a week, 4 days with really heavy use. Maybe you had a defective unit?

And it is waterproof. Plenty of people swim with them on. Not rated for diving though.

And is it smart enough to have a spell check? And use it?

Not sure what you are reviewing, but it’s not a pebble watch. The font is large, and I charge mine once a week. Also it is waterproof to 5ATM so taking a shower or jumping into a 10 foot pool is not a problem.

I love the Pebble. I can’t imagine not wearing it. Oh wait - I can. See I constantly miss calls, messages, notifications.

I don’t keep my ear to my phone and I have to mute it because I’m in meetings all day.

But with my Pebble I can stay up-to-date and also not miss anything I didn’t want to. You can also adjust the text size and I’ve had no problem reading it. I don’t have to go to my phone unless I want to respond and that’s fine.

It’s great when I’m in the data center - actually amazing for it’s cost - and I paid $150 for mine - at this price - it’s a bargain. I’d get one but mine still works :slight_smile: Granted the wife wants something probably a bit more fashionable - I’ll ask her when she wakes.

The battery life is another great reason to get it over the other smartwatches out there. Heck - they rely on your phone anyway so … why pay more than you need to?

It’s inexpensive - tells the time - can find your phone (paid app) - can make sounds (want to place your phone somewhere and scare someone? :wink: ) - can answer calls - does quick preformatted responses that you can alter - and best of all notifies notifies notifies!

Not a promotion but for those who are driving while reading their cell phone - since it’s a watch and it’s not larger than your phone, you can keep your eyes on the road and move your hand to the top of the steering wheel and take a quick glance at your Pebble.

Wrong - it’s easy to read - you can also adjust the font if you want to and it’s water resistant in the shower.

Perhaps yours is defective - contact Pebble.

Uh, are you sure you had a Pebble? If so, you got a real lemon. I’ve had mine for two years now, never had a problem reading it and the battery still lasts at least four days between charges. It’s been over a year since I took it swimming, but I wore it in the shower last week - no problems.

Does it have any type of backlight for when it’s dark?

For example, in a darkened room for a presentation, rocking a baby, etc…can I see/read it?

If there was a steel one in this sale, I’d be all over it; I’ve had a red Pebble pretty much since it arrived in Best Buy, and I haven’t regretted it. Since I work in a noisy car wash, it’s been a life saver for letting me know if my boss is trying to contact me, since I never felt my phone vibrate in my jeans, but I definitely feel it on my wrist. The Steel is definitely classier looking, but the original is nothing to sneeze at either.

Honestly, unless you have an iPhone (in which Apple has effectively strangled its usefulness in many ways), it’s a great smartwatch, it’s not as expensive as the others, the battery life is great, and it’s amazingly customizable.

Yes, that’s an option. You can turn the backlight on by shaking the watch, or by pressing a button. Having the backing come on by shaking the watch does decrease the battery life.

Since everyone else so handily, and gently, guided the misguided soul who obviously got his/her watch mixed up with a Pebble, I’ll not bother.

Let me just say I Kickstarted this thing and I don’t regret it a bit. I love mine for all the reasons listed here. AND, I can play games on it, interface with other apps on my phone with it, and it’s not all that hard to make your own watch faces if you are so inclined. If you’re not, the app is also an interface for the … well… I’d say store, but 99% of stuff is free, so…

I recently Kickstarted the color screen version of this and am just waiting for mine to be shipped. I love Pebble.

On the other hand, I have a PoS Metawatch sitting here that I Kickstarted and never got to work once.

Charge mine every 7-10 days. Almost always wear it in the shower and while doing dishes. IIRC, they us 3M water resistant coating.

It might be less feature rich than the newer watches hitting the market, but none of them compete on battery life. Reminders, alarms, music controls and runkeeper integration seem like much better uses than reading texts.

Been using it for 2 years now. Apparently the novelty isn’t wearing off.

Have used this for almost 8 month.
I used it every day.
*Battery life is 4-5days of heavily users.
*I bath and swim with it
*Read text on it though

I wonder if the same pebble i was using you writing this review on

Maybe he has the Apple watch?

Will this interface with Strava and show me stuff like distance traveled and mile pace?

Edit: Ok, just saw the pictures and it does show distance and pace. How does it get those numbers, from the phone’s GPS data or through some sort of pedometer?