Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

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Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible
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Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

I kickstarted this. It’s not nearly as good as the original Pebble. Also I kind of feel cheated now. I paid more than this for mine, and I only got it a few months ago.

Original Kickstarter Pledge:

Pledge $179 or more

22,991 backers Limited (9 left of 23000)

Your choice of one Pebble Time watch in any of the three colors. Regular retail price will be $199.

Estimated delivery:
May 2015

Same price too. I wanted to jump on this till I came to that realization…

In what ways is it inferior to the original (E-ink right?)

These are $129.99 directly from Pebble right now, so this isn’t really an exciting deal. I’d far rather order directly from Pebble, which should make any warranty issues or returns more straightforward.

That said, I LOVE my classic Pebble, and am eyeing these newer models as they drop in price.

Well, with the way woot’s free shipping is at the moment, you might save yourself $5 if not on this on the next thing you want.

I got an HP Chromebook from Woot back at the end of Aug. I had to go through HP anyways for a fix (which they did in a prompt manner), so I don’t see if that’ll make much of a difference.

I still haven’t enjoyed that to its fullest, so I’d better hold off on smartwatches for the time being.

I got the classic pebble over a year ago to do some programming. Ended up liking it so much I started wearing it all the time. Lasts about 5 or 6 days between charge. Anyone know if this is the model with the expansion port?

Critic and User Reviews over at Engadget

A good youtube review from someone who’s tested the old pebbles and other smart watches.

To add another perspective… My original Pebble (with e-ink) developed severe display issues after just a few months. Screen blanking out, screen pixelating, screen with parallel lines all over. Eventually, the screen failed to display at all. Its a function of poor connectors or loose connectors, so its fixable, and Pebble makes good on the (known) issue by fixing or sending a new unit. But a pain just the same. Don’t know if the new models are subject to the same issue.

I ordered a Pebble Classic via Woot some months ago, and it had some issues out of the box. Pebble refused to honor the warrantee, as is not an authorized reseller. Woot was nice enough to accept the return, but it still cost me money.

FWIW I got the Classic from Woot earlier in the year. That was a supposed factory refurb, but when a not-insignificant number of buyers had issues Pebble said they were not authorized for sale by them and wouldn’t help (eventually helped a few after lots of pressure). Mine and others arrived without a charging cable, so Woot refunded $10 to us.

So while this Time offer says it is New merch, I’m a bit leery of going through Woot for it, unless also going in for the Square Trade warranty, when for $5 more I can get it directly from Pebble today.

I paid $249 for the same watch in August when they first hit the market, and the were going to get me for another $49 for the steel band. The band never shipped, and I didn’t get the watch until September. So, I’ve had a Pebble Time Steel now for two months, and it’s already half price. Never again, Pebble…never again.

I got the original pebble back in the spring and thought it was ok. It seemed a bit too much plastic and I felt like it would scratch really easily since the entire face is just clear plastic. I liked the software inside though. So I got a pebble Steele off ebay and have loved it ever since. To me, the Steele is the one to have. It is waterproof, looks nice (not like a kids watch) and lasts for almost a week per charge. A few things I would like to see it have, would be a microphone and a way to be able to send a message from it. But it being waterproof is more important than those wants. I could afford any of the watches available but for me, the old pebble steele offers almost exactly what I want.

Don’t count on it. I was a backer of the original Kickstarter and ordered a Time Steel the second time around. Received it, wasn’t thrilled (certainly not worth the $250 price) and took advantage of their “30 day money back no hassle guarantee” the day after I received it. Let’s just say it was a huge hassle to get a RMA, a huge hassle to prove to them that they received it, a huge hassle as Pebble and Kickstarter both said the other was responsible for issuing my refund and eventually I filed a claim with my credit card company. Not sure who provided the refund in the end but I did end up with the credit back on my account.

Still have my original B/W Pebble, still works fine, never an issue with it, the color was neat, but more useless to me. For this price, it’s not a bad deal if you want a “smartwatch”. Personally I wear a fitness tracker and have no use for a watch.

Brushed Stainless with Leather Band
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Just locked this down at the Pebble Website