Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

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Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible
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Well I have a Pebble Time Steel and love it.

I use it for notifications all through the day, health tracking (which has gotten surprisingly robust over the past few months), music control and texting mainly (and a few other smaller things like Nest control, etc).

Hilariously the one thing I never use it for is the timeline. I just never look at it. Then again I’m always at my computer with my calendar right there so it’s probably just easier for me to do that.

Anyway back to the other stuff. My favorite aspect of all that is the way I don’t have to really initiate a reaction. It just provides me with info I need.

Throughout the day as I’m doing physical activities it will pop up with something like “hey you just stayed active for 28 minutes and burned 100 calories… good for you!” or “Hey you got 8 hours and 15 minutes of sleep last night which is 18% better than most nights!”

Or when I start a podcast or playlist on my phone as I’m doing yard work, I bring my wrist up to me and the music app is already there on my screen with minimal, but perfect, audio controls. I don’t have to try to get into an app before gaining control.

Texting is nice and simple. It has voice dictation which works just fine and is relatively painless and has very few button clicks. The voice recognition is surprisingly capable. There’s also the option to load in some canned messages which is convenient. Every time I leave work, I know I’m going to ask my wife if she needs anything before I come home so I just made “Coming home… need anything?” a canned message that I can access and send in like 4 clicks (which may sound like a lot, but when you use the Pebble you’ll realize that’s like 1 full second worth of action).

And then last but not least are the battery and resistance. Seriously the Time Steel gets 10 days. Like, 10 legitimate normal usage days… not marketing days (which is about 6 real days). I forget the last time I had the thing on a charger and that says a lot.

And it’s waterproof… as in “submerge it fully into a bathtub” waterproof. For a dad like me this is great. I beat this thing to death. I give my kid baths and it gets submerged, she wants to play with it so she takes it off and runs and around and covers it in chocolate pudding or whatever, it gets beat to shit and back against ever surface you can image and I have, literally, like one ding in the bezel. The screen is still somehow unscathed.

My cons would be the screen. In order to get the battery life it has, the screen is small and non-touch. Given how little you actually have to initiate or be interactive, the non-touch aspect is virtually negligible. The size and brightness could be better but it’s fine for what you gain in battery life.

And the display is ePaper (aka “low powered LCD”) NOT eInk which is a total different tech (aka Amazon Kindles)… so you get some nice color and cute fluid animations just fine.

Anyway that’s my late night review of the Pebble Time Steel. A year in and I don’t regret my purchase at all. I wear it every day and, even better, use it every day!

Does is have the rewind function when playing podcasts, like to rewind the last 15 seconds?

Are you using it with Android or iOS?

You know, looking at one of these, you’d almost swear they were new.

My first experience with a Smart Watch was a no-name $40 one…but it had a Speaker that let me play music from my phone! And it was actually loud enough to hear!
How disappointing to find that the Expensive ones Lack this feature.


It’s good. It’s waterproof, for a start. It ought to be just plain illegal to make anything called a “watch” that isn’t.

Battery life is 4 days to a week, and the charging system is simple and effective.

It just works. It does the things you want such a thing to do, other than:

It would be better if it had a heart sensor; and

The screen is only 50% or something of the top area. If your eyesight isn’t pretty decent, you won’t be able to read most of the fancy readouts it’s capable of. I would buy a new one at the same price or a bit higher if they would just make the screen bigger.

Should note that this post applies only to the Time and Time Steel (with the Steel having a slightly larger battery, Time is rated for seven days, Steel for ten). The Round has a smaller battery, rated for two days, and isn’t rated as waterproof just splash resistant

I’m using Android, but the media interface is pretty standard (think simple bluetooth remote), so it should work on iOS as well.

I use mine constantly with the Audible and and Amazon Music on Android. For Audible, the back/forward buttons will rewind/wind 10 seconds, while in the Amazon Music it advances prev/next song. This is configurable for some apps.

Lack of commitments and support turns a great product into an expensive piece of junk when it stops working. Especially with questionable ‘refurbished’ points and 90 days warranty.

Clearly they are under impression they can screw their customers and shove it under the table, thinking it will go unnoticed.

There are several things that make this better than an Apple Watch (I’ve owned both):

  1. It’s more water resistant. You can take a shower without slightly messing up the screen (which I’ve done with my Apple Watch) or mic

  2. The battery is better. You don’t have to charge it every day.

  3. You can always check the time, since it’s always showing

  4. Your watch will look cooler because the watch is always showing and the watch faces are so cool

  5. It is cheaper

There is one thing that makes this worse than the Apple Watch:

Screen Quality: eventually sooner or later you will encounter what people have called ‘screen tearing’ where you just see lines of garbage a few seconds at a time or all the time. This can start happening a few weeks (if you buy refurb) or a few months from purchase.

Notifications are better on Apple Watch.

Regardless of the problems, this thing is totally worth a try.

I would get one but I already have the Fit Bit that I bought from Woot, and that has a clock built in. Two watches on one wrist would look stupid. Hey, wait, I’ve got two wrists…

Got one of these last time thinking I’d upgrade from the Pebble Steel.

Like the Steel better and sold this one, because the Steel’s display is neither recessed nor behind a lens that distorts, so it’s way easier to see at a glance (which is important to me while driving, I didn’t like having to try to move the Time to the right position and angle and finally shake my wrist to turn the light on to get an idea of what the latest message might be about.

I’ve had mine for about six months. My friends that have high end smartwatches are envious of the the charge duration of the battery (it really is 10 days with constant use), the waterproof case, and the always on display. Like others that have posted here, I rarely use the timeline, but the health app that is built in is great. It is pretty durable - I never even consider taking it off for most activities. For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

Not Windows Phone compatible, I guess.

That was mainly an issue with the 1st gen, e-ink Pebble watches. A component inside the watch was secured with glue, and eventually the glue would soften with repeated heat/vibration, causing the connection to become loose. The DIY fix was super easy, but most people wouldn’t think to look it up. The Pebble Time series does not have this issue, as it uses a different screen technology (e-paper).

An added benefit of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel is that the charging port on the back of the watch can also communicate data, which allows 3rd party developers to make add-ons that can increase the functionality of the watch. One of the most popular ones right now is the Tylt Vu Pulse, which adds a heart-rate monitor and Qi wireless charging capabilities to the watch.

Can anyone elaborate on how the watch turns on? Do you have to push a button to see the time? I have read that you can shake it to turn on but have not confirmed. Also, I wear reader glasses so how is the text size?