Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

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Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible
Price: $59.99 - 84.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Dec 09 to Monday, Dec 12) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Why? No support… No Updates… no reason to buy!

I’d be suspicious of that 90 day warranty. In Pebble’s official announcement yesterday, they stated there is no warranty support for any devices as of 12/7/16.

I’d also be leery of cloud services, like speech to text to work much longer.

I just got a pebble in September … so great to know 3 month later that its obsolete. Dont buy this garbage.

Pebble just announced they will be ceasing all production and updates and will be shutting down their business. There is no reason to waste your money on this product.

Ding dong the Pebble is Dead.

I remember hearing about the sale. Didn’t know about the support or lack there of.
The comments were the final nail though.

I knew these would show up soon on Woot. I didn’t think it would happen the day after their announcement. I’m in for 1 if they get below $40.

I bought my first pebble time on Woot - and loved it so much I backed the new devices they were going to make…alas…they sold out - we lose out…It was a great watch and I will continue to use it until it dies.

Here is a link to their announcement:

The drop-down choices are kinda confusing on this one too. I suggest first selecting the model you want (middle selector), then color, then condition. Then prepare for disappointment when you can’t pick the combo you want.

I bought the Pebble Time Steel on the Cyber Monday Woot-off. I’ve been using it for a little over a week and I love it. The battery can last about a week with use and I’ve had no problem keeping the watch on while in the shower. However, I got the email yesterday that went over the fact the Pebble is no more, it’s an ex-pebble.
The biggest issue for me is that I’ve had this for a week and according to the email “Warranty support is no longer available for Pebble watches.” I would think twice about buying one of these watches now and I’m worried what to do if I have a issue in the future.

It’s called “Woot Chutzpah”!

The last one I bought from woot was DOA. With the announcement of pebble no longer honoring warranties I would stay away from this deal.

Reading the 90 day woot warranty disclaimer makes me think if there was no manufacture warranty that woot would cover a dead device for 90 days. Also I think most credit cards will give you an extended warranty automatically if you make purchases with them? That might be a way to go.

It’s not dead it’s resting… it’s pining for the fjords

props for the Python reference

Looking forward to getting one of these along with a Windows phone and a “Cleveland Indians 2016 World Series Champions” t-shirt in a future BOC.

Despite the fact that Pebble got bought out by Fitbit you can’t beat that price. The watch will work fine for quite some time into the future. I’d buy an extra charging cord just to make sure but you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of the thing before it goes TU. If I didn’t already own one I’d jump on this.

I got my PTS back in September, and it has been utterly fantastic. Over a week of battery, and it DOES stuff.

Very sad to see Pebble go down in flames… but I do expect the watch to function for a while at least. And really, who uses the voice functions on it… take the cloud down!

While running - just having music control with a button, vs insane blind swiping - makes it worth a few bucks even if it craps out.

RIP Pebble.

I have had mine for over a year now. It’s fantastic, especially for the price. I have never had to call or ask for support from Pebble as you can find good support on many forums online. I plan to continue using mine as nothing will change with the connection to my Android. I will still get notifications and I can still receive and SEND text messages right from the watch.