Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

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Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible
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FYI Pebble has was bought by Fitbit, so buy with caution as the hardware could stop working at some point in the future.
Fitbit's Pebble acquisition risks alienating loyal users | Engadget

Mine is still working fine so far. I really like the watch and there is a community trying to keep things working. You can check out this link:

Bought one here about a year ago - Time Steel. does everything you need from a smartwatch time, date, weather, reads text messages, voice records replies, email alerts, music player control. Essentially all the basics. The best aspect is charge - I have went a full 10 days without a recharge and still had 20% left.

pebble time buyer from year and a half ago. i would recommend it if you have never owned a smartwatch before (am an android user if that helps too).

best part is not charging it day in and day out like most watches out there.

honestly i feel it does everything better than most smart watches except fitness tracking. the pebble fitness is nice, and you can use MisFit, but i feel other smart watches/trackers do it better.

also, IT TELLS TIME! (no seriously, the time is always there for you to look at, no gestures needed)

I have the Pebble Time and an Apple Watch Series 1. I enjoy the Pebble a LOT more than the Apple. Sure, the Apple has a nice ecosystem and a wide variety of bands. But the Pebble beats it hands down on the sheer number of available watch faces. The Apple also SUCKS at notifications. Somehow Apple decided that if your phone’s screen is on, you don’t need notifications on your watch, at all. Also, the screen is perpetually off unless you flick your wrist or press a button. It’s annoying AF when you’re driving and your phone is running a nav app. A notification pops up and you can’t even glance at your watch for it. Kind of defeats the purpose of a “smart” watch IMHO. The Pebble, on the other hand, will show every notification (you can turn off specific apps’ notifications in the Pebble app). The only thing it doesn’t have is the heart rate monitor. The pedometer/health monitoring works just as well as any basic Fitbit. And as others have pointed out, battery life is no comparison. I have to charge my Apple daily. The Pebble can go 4-5 days on heavy use, or 5-7 on light use. And that’s with my backlight set to “blinding”.

Terrible that Fitbit killed the software support for Pebble out of hand like that… used to be a Fitbit fan, not so much now.

Pebble Steel still works for now, but at some point Apple (and Google) will probably make changes to the OS that breaks the Pebble App.

The one app I can’t live without is a 2-factor authentication rolling codes app. I’ve turned on 2-factor auth for my important accounts and always having the code on your wrist makes it fairly painless.

*** Not once you updated the watch to the current version - the “past” part was eliminated some time ago, replaced with the step counter.

I have a Time, thinking of upgrading to the Steel, since I only get about 2 days on a charge now, and the Steel will not only get me back to a full charge, but upgrade from 7 days to 10.

The Steel doesn’t have any of the red on the case itself - it was sold as a Gold Time Steel with the red leather band just being the default - so the color (other than the gold) will be whatever band you use with it. The Time and Time Steel use standard 22mm bands (the Time Round uses a standard 14mm band), so you can change the color to whatever you want. The same idea applies to the Round, but the regular Time has a red plastic back the others don’t have. Not that it’s a bad thing, just reduces after-purchase color options.

It is an unfortunate situation for the only smartwatch I ever considered. Still, the hardware should continue working, but the functions that require the Pebble servers will not (health tracking, weather etc.) Following Fitbit acquisition, Pebble rolling out update to ensure watches will function indefinitely

I’m encouraged as there are open source projects in the works to take the place of the Pebble app once it is no longer viable.

I may should have used “standard” in quotes concerning the “standard 22mm bands” above. 22mm bands can be hard to find, since many brick-and-mortar stores don’t have them, skipping from 20mm to 24mm. But Amazon has an abundance of them, including this cloth band and this silicone band.

I have the Time Round and have had it since Mother’s day last year. I do have to charge mine every night. Just recently, the protective screen fell off the face of the watch. But it still works fine.
I like being able to glance down at notifications, have a watch face that always shows the time.
I swapped out the band for a regular 14mm metal band, as the leather band didn’t last long and got gross.

Since Fitbit isn’t supporting these anymore, and Pebble has been swallowed up. Who is “refurbishing” these for resale?

Bought a backup Time. Got my original last year and love the thing. It is so much more practical than my friends Android and Apple watches. They can’t work with their watches on in wet or dirty conditions, they need to be charged daily and the have a monthly charge. Sure, they can do more stuff but my Pebble is just what I need and I can wear it 24/7 for a week. My work is physical and dirt and other than a few scratches on the bezel it’s still works great!