Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

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Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible
Price: $34.99 - 64.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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The company’s out of business and there likely won’t be many more updates, but the Pebble series is still the best smartwatch around.

They’ve updated the app so that the watch will keep working when the Pebble servers finally go down, and there’s also a third-party OS/app effort at in case the official app disappears entirely.

I am wearing the Steel every day. I got mine new for about $100. It is my first and only “smart” watch so far. I am sure I am not using all of its features. The part I like the most is the vibration when my someone calls my cell phone. I don’t miss calls like I did before when my phone ringer was turned off. It keeps a charge for 3-4 days or more and recharges in just a few hours. when I use Strava on my phone, critical data comes to the Pebble. I like that feature as well. I can watch my miles, my last mile pace and more with out pulling my phone out of the holster. This is a good choice for anyone who has a smart phone and wants to see what it is like to get a smart watch and not spend a lot of money.

The “specs” tab is lacking the only dimension that matters to me–what size wrist does the band fit? It lists the width of the band, but not length. I get that it’s adjustable, but as someone with tiny wrists, too-big watches are a problem.

I bought the Pebble Time version (red color - it took some getting use to) last time it was offered and I use it every day. I charge it about once a week and it works great letting me check the weather, I control the podcasts I listen to using the watch (handy when you don’t want to dig the phone out of your pocket), pause Netflix on my Chromecast - I’m seriously thinking about getting another sine I’ll be very disappointed when this one dies.

I have one of the original monochrome screen Pebbles as well, which is what hooked me on these… Gotta love the color screen though!

Now if they would just make an eBook reader using this type of color e-paper this uses it would make the perfect reader for graphic novels!

If you are a “nerd” and like gadgets, you will enjoy having this watch.

The Time can use any standard 22mm quick release watch bands and the round is 14mm. So if it is too long, you can swap it out for a band that is the right size.

Which would you recommend, square or round? Can you receive text messages on it and is it easy to read or will it require readers?

Sorry, all this smart stuff makes me feel dumb!

Receive text messages - check
Send text messages - check
Send voice text messages - check
Receive email - check
Kickstarter project updates - check
Discord messages - check
Weather - check
Control phone music to play pause skip adjust volume - check
Timer and stopwatch - check
Uber - check
Notifications from a bunch of other apps - check
Displays time and date - depends on the watchface you use…
I have the square one.