Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

Pebble Time Smartwatch - Black


That one is listed as used. Ours is open-box, but still new.

Would you say that this is equally true for the Pebble Time Steel?

The phrase “a tested good customer return” makes me a little nervous that those ones will seem less new than the truly new open box units.

Well, what Manhands meant is that ours is not a “used” item in the sense that someone is selling it after using it for a while.

Moofi items are usually returned items that have been tested as good.

They might be returned (opened) or refused (not opened) by a customer.

Thanks for quick reply. I get the distinction between truly used and returned. Are any of your “open box” designated items ever “opened, banged around a little to ensure scuffs and scratches, and the returned”?

Perhaps it is safe to say that if the retailer accepted the return, then they don’t look used.

Probably not? Unless the item was sold as refurbed to where some scuffing/dings might be expected.

If you have any friends over in the Order Processing Dept., I sure would appreciate it if you could ask them to make sure the one I ordered is nice and shiny. :slight_smile: