Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

Why are these still up here? Pebble has died and there will be no support for Anyone who buys them. Why sell customer’s products that they cannot get support with?! Woot, what are you guys doing? Whoever chose to bring back this deal needs to seriously do their due diligence in providing products where the company is still around and able to provide support if your customer needs it!

Awww, come on! You’re not that new here. After 9 years, you know that we sell discontinued items all the time. This is no different.

I know company is dead and there will be no support for the watches … but I would purchase this item if it was at a very low price … let’s say $40 or less. Don’t think they will become collectible items so something to think about in order to get rid of them.

Man, I love this watch, however, just this week I have started loosing watch faces. If you buy this know it is slowly dying and you may just have enough time to love this Watch and then watch it die. :frowning:

Keep in mind that not only are these in complete manufacturing and warranty freeze, but Fitbit has acquired them and has already admitted that they will push updates that remove existing functionality.

need a steeper discount. will buy more.

Ah, the Palm IIIx of the smartwatch world - minus the awesome reliability. Bought an original Pebble and had all kinds of problems with its screen fritzing out. I’d pass.

Before I jump into the debate - my current issue with Woot isn’t what items are ON here, it’s that most items are not in any way cheaper on here. Every time in the last few months I’ve looked at buying (usually to provide filler with the awesome shirts!!) - products are more expensive here than on your parent company’s site.

EG - non-refurb version of this watch is cheaper to prime members at this moment.


On to the pebble debate.

I don’t know what people are talking about. Pebble has been the gold standard for functional smartwatches with real utility.

I tried them all basically - and still use my time steel. 1 Week of constant use on a charge, waterproof, and hard buttons.

Aiming and swiping on a 1" screen while walking or working out is a non-starter. 1 day battery life, non starter.

I don’t know what’s going to fill the void - but some here are correct. Pebble has failed as a company, and someone else holds their product now, making for a murky future.

Would I still buy one for 80 bucks, absolutely.

We are selling the Time Round which is going for $112 on Amazon. We had some extra photos in there which confused things. We’re removing those.

Fitbit never stated that they were going to push an update to remove existing functionality. What they stated was that no future updates will be issued for Pebble watches. The servers that control some of Pebble’s features (like voice-to-text) will remain active through 2017, but will be shut off on Jan. 1 2018.