Pebble Time Smartwatch - iOS & Android Compatible

Just a note to anyone buying. Pebble is no longer a company. They were bought out by Fitbit and dont produce their watches anymore.

They said support will continue as long as possible for their products but nobody know for sure how long that will be.

Don’t buy the pebble watches…they will ALL die soon now that Pebble has been sold off to FitBit.

… OR …

You could read this here article.

Got one the last time and may get another. There are still a lot of cool watch faces, just wish they had other colors, red does not go with everything :frowning: works well and it is about the same price as the cheap knockoffs.

RIP Pebble.

For those worried that the watch will stop working, an update has already been provided for these watches which decouples most of the “cloud” based functionality from their servers. I have almost 100% functionality today that I did before they started turning the servers off. There is, however, no guarantee that those processes that still require the pebble backend will continue to function in the future. If you’re up for a relatively smart watch, this is still a good deal.

DANG. Mine arrived already. I’m so psyched!

Any updated opinions in aps not being available on the pebble round? I’m a pebble newbie, like the look of the round and would probably be ok with the shortened battery life as a trade off, but if the aps are quite limited I’ll be less thrilled.

Are there good aps for the round?
Any missing that you couldn’t live without?

Thanks for any experience you can share!!

Anybody know if there is a Pebble app for the watch that will let me see my Google Voice text messages? I use Google Voice for all my messaging instead of using regular SMS/MMS messaging. I don’t need to be able to reply to Google Voice messages from the watch, but seeing them on the watch would be great.

That would be a “basic” and “built in” notification. It’s what pebble does. No extra app required. You would get a “hangouts” notification. You can turn off notifications of specific apps, too.

I bought the Steel Time, I use Google Hangouts to send text and make calls using my Google voice number. I get notified if a text is received, which is readable on the watch. You can even reply using voice to text from the watch, works quite well.

If you have any programming knowledge, pebble apps aren’t terrible difficult to create. I was able to hack a couple together a few years back to pull API data and display it on the watch face. I’ve got an original kickstarter pebble and it’s still going strong.