Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for iOS & Android

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Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for iOS & Android
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I wanted to like this… It was the perfect size, well made, looks fantastic, has all the features I was wanting, minus the features of the iwatch that I did not want… Perfect watch right ? … The behavior interacting with my iPhone (5s) was not consistent connecting and syncing from morning to morning… Return it went… Maybe its just me… Maybe Im expecting too much yet simplistic… I bought the iwatch afterwards and was even less impressed with it… I ended up going with Garmin’s latest activity bracelet and I have been very happy…

Because Android is more open, it does a better job at syncing and interacting with it, but on Android, I’ve never had any problems. I’ve seen forum posts of people having problems with connect/disconnect, but only with certain firmware versions.

Version 2 of this watch is coming out in the next few weeks, with a heart rate monitor and bigger screen, but also for a lot more money.

Also, these screenshots are older and a lot of the screens have changed, but for the better.

Interesting. I have the Pebble Time (not the Steel) and I’ve never had any issues with it connecting or syncing with my iPhone 5S.

Caution! Sprint, Virgin, US Cellular & More: Read
A factor of note: According to their website:

I wanted to get this, but I think I’ll hold off until they work something out with Sprint.

Hope that helps others make informed decisions too!

I always look to woot comments to help me decide if a purchase is worth it so hopefully this will help someone. Woot had this same item on sale (factory refurbished) in the spring but for $130 I believe. I had been looking for a smartwatch for a while before that and finally decided to take a chance on this one. The main reason is that I read a review on the Pebble Time Steel and the title was “Pebble Time Steel Review: It’s a smartwatch, not a wrist computer” which struck a chord with me because I didn’t want a crazy watch that could do everything my phone does. Here are my pros:

-Since it is not a “wrist computer” I only have to charge it once every 10 days, which was a huge deciding factor for me. I will never own a watch that I have to charge every night.

-The functions on it are very simplistic and easy to learn and there are so many watch faces to choose from.

-I have a long drive to work every morning and I play Spotify on my phone through my speakers. If I want to skip a song I just click the button on my watch instead of having to look down at the phone.

-Being able to conveniently look at my watch whenever I get a notification instead of pulling my phone out of my pocket, I’ve noticed I’m on my phone a lot less than before I owned the watch, which is great

-The phone is water resistant which is great that I don’t have to worry about it in the rain or when I’m washing my hands or dishes etc.

All and all this has been one of my best purchases from woot and I’ve never been able to tell it’s a refurbished item, looks and acts brand new. I have this same style, the gold trim, and I went over to Clockwork Synergy’s website and got a nice brown leather band with the quick change posts, it took two minutes to replace the red band.

I have an android phone on Verizon’s network and it has had a flawless connection with my phone. I’ve heard that they don’t work as well with iPhones but I have no first hand experience on them.

I highly recommend this if you want an affordable, stylish smartwatch!

You mean the watch, right?