Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch - iOS & Android

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Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch - iOS & Android
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I actually own the Pebble Steel… had it for 3 years.

Amazing watch in itself, but I always wanted to get a color screen, as well as more features such as fitness/health tracker…

Seeing as this is the Steel version, I might have to grab one and upgrade!

looks nice and classy

So does this include a silicone strap in addition to the leather strap? Weight specs imply that it does, but “In the box” does not list it.

To be clear, this does NOT track steps or activity on its own, just displays what your Misfit or Jawbone (etc) are tracking, right?

These are $163.12 for the red leather and $151.99 for the silver one on Amazon Warehouse Deals right now.

Seems like it only comes with the leather strap, but still a great deal as this is the price they’re charging on Amazon for the regular Pebble Time.

Shame you guys don’t ship to Hawaii.

I have the Pebble Time Round and it tracks steps on its own. It has a built-in health app.

Is this made from Valyrian steel?

It comes in Stark and Lannister colors, after all.

It actually has a very nice step/sleep tracker and its own Misfit app.

It also has the option of talking to your phone and displaying cycling stats as you go.

My wife got me a Samsung S2 which replaced my Pebble Time - yet I still have pangs for it sometimes. The battery life can’t be beat…

It tracks steps and sleep time on its own

Yes, it’s certainly more affordable than most of the other choices out there. But it is limited in what it offers. I found it difficult to download the apps and get them to work right. That said, it’s 1/3 the price of an Apple Watch, and for many, that’s reason enough to buy one…IF you really need one.

Other Wooters have already pointed out that it functions as a tracker, but I’ll add that it can also output its health data to Google Fit.

The one on Amazon is a NEW watch; this one on WOOT is a FACTORY RECONDITIONED watch. I suppose that’s the reason for the difference in price.

I own a pebble time (non steel). I also own a Fitbit charge HR and an android DZ09 smartwatch. I wear this one and the other 2 gather dust.

First and foremost, it’s great as just a watch. There’s hundreds of downloadable watchfaces to get you the look you want. currently mine is displaying time, date, current weather, battery life, a step counter, and bluetooth status. It uses something similar to kindle e-ink, and gets about 5 days battery time without ever blanking the screen.

It uses a standard 22mm watch strap, so it’s whatever you want to use for a band. I have an assortment of NATO straps I swap out.

Bluetooth range is on the “good” if not amazing side of things. If my phone is upstairs, I still get texts in the garage, but not at the mailbox. You can respond to texts/hangouts/whatsapp with customizable canned responses, or you can do speech to text. You can receive facebook notifications and messages, but as far as I can tell, you can’t respond to them. Voice recognition is some of the best I’ve seen.

The pebble also has a music app (it controls your phone; it does not play from the watch), a stopwatch, a timer, and its own set of alarms, if you care to set them.
The watch syncs with your google calendar (if you let it) and maintains a timeline, complete with alarms on the watch.

As mentioned by others, it has its own step counter and sleep tracker. Mine’s set to sync with google fit when I get back within range of my phone.

All in all, I love it. Yes, you have rudimentary graphics and no touch screen, but that’s the tradeoff for visibility in all light levels and a 5 day battery.

It is very stylish looking! I wouldn’t even know it was a smart watch at first glance.

Does this come with a steel band or a leather band?

Leather band as shown.

Is this the same for $70.99?

Edit: It must be since the 4 for sale sold out almost immediately after I posted this!