Pedestal Storage & File Cabinet

So for anyone on the fence with this. Just got mine and here are some notes:
You are going to need help getting these up stairs.
74 lbs net weight
84 lbs gross weight

They are flat packed.

The metal finish is more flat gunmetal grey and not shiny chrome like. (Matches ikea stuff I have.)

Wood laminate covers all sides of the drawers.

Feet are rubber round and level adjustable.

If you have put together ikea stuff before, you can put this together.

I ordered 2 of these and got shipped 3. Did the “right” thing and let Woot know, still waiting on response. Hope you folks dont expect me to lug the freebie to UPS cause they are freaking heavy and it was enough to get 2 of them up a flight of stairs. :stuck_out_tongue:

How pliable is the metal on these cabinets? In other words, are they solid or do the metal sides flex if you push on them? I’m worried that they are flimsy.

Solid with little to no flex. Flick your finger on it and sounds solid not hollow like some of the cheap ones. I would say these are more high-end then low and feel like a steal at this price.