Pedi Pistol Deluxe Home Pedicure Set

Every male wooters dream purchase

hey, at least its not a refurb.

My wife is in for three…

Ok woot, now thats not right :\

Here ya go Limecat.

Haha, oh wow.

Oh my god…

Wow, it just got uncomfortable in here.

That looks dangerous…

It’s a trap!!

May I be the first to say…YUCK!

pedi- …what?..

I own one of these but I’m afraid to use it.

That just looks wrong


My wife thought it was some kind of XXX toy.

lol whut?

I bought one of these in the last woot-off and was very disappointed. The add-on tools hurt my feet when I used it and it was awkward to hold on to.

Really guys. It’s a pleasuring device disguised as a pedicure set. No joke.

OMG!! What the heck?

does anyone own one? Does it work?