Pedroncelli 2006 Zinfandel Pedroni-Bushnell Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley - 4 Pack

love this wine … very tasty

$12.50/bottle shipped for a nice, everyday drinking Zin. Worth it for sure.

Tempted to buy. I got the 2007 version of this earlier this year and liked it a lot. I’m holding out for the Inzinerator to show up again. I just had my first bottle over the weekend and I’m in love.

Thats pretty good stuff, isn’t it? We tried our first bottle last weekend. We loved it and aren’t huge zin drinkers.

The Pedroncellis do a lot right with a number of grapes, but their greatest strength is with Zinfandel. An excellent example of the Dry Creek style in Zinfandel, at an unbeatable price.

Highly recommended. I like the 2006, even though it’s on the warm side for me.

Im considering 8,… instead of a case. Breathe…

I have the 2007 of this that was offered awhile back. I tried a bottle already, and it was very tasty. I was surprised to pick something up for that price that I liked so much…though rpm says this is well made juice, so maybe I shouldn’t have been. I bought this to compare.

$140/case delivered is a GREAT deal!

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Pedroncelli Pedroni-Bushnell Vineyard Dry Creek Zinfandel 2006 on Snooth

I’m the big zin fan, my fiance is not. But he really liked it too. I get so excited any time I find a wine that both of us enjoy…it’s not as much fun to drink it alone.

ummm… that links to the current woot :confused:

Oops - getting tired. Thanks. Fixed…

ooh! richardhod brought the 2007 to our Birthday celebration! I guess that means I’m in for one…

I bet! you’ve covered a lot of ground over the last day :slight_smile:

Awww man i wanted the Rosy Zin from Pedroncelli…

Hmmm - not a big Zin drinker, but if it’s good enough for Richard…



I’m not usually either, & I went in for two.

btw, that is HUGELY helpful for adding wine to my “cellar”. wayyyyy easier than my usual method. thanks!

Ped Zin for $12. This is one of those “this is why we woot” kind of wines. There is absolutely no way to get zin of this quality for this price outside of this kind of format.

Stoked to be in for 2.
A rare exception to my current wine embargo.

Two on this offer is not avail for me.

Only 1 or 3.

Edit: Figured it out, need to click on the bottom one first in the optional menu.