Pedroncelli 2006 Zinfandel Pedroni-Bushnell Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley - 4 Pack

Pedroncelli 2006 Zinfandel Pedroni-Bushnell Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 Pedroncelli 2006 Zinfandel Pedroni-Bushnell Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley
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Nevermind, Cesare’s back!

I have four of these in my closet from last October. Should I be drinking them now, or are they in the subset, “wait at least a year before drinking?”

Previous 2007 Pedroncelli Woot July 7, 2010

Dang it! Missed the Ty Caton! Grrrrr.

I have '06 and '07. I far prefer the '07, that one was a steal! The '06 is not as good, unfortunately, but definitely a decent bottle of wine.

A 2006 Zin would usually be a drink now and over the next year.

oops, already answered

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Provided I’m not ASLEEP, at least…

I’ve got the 08 in my cellar, bought it at a wine store tasting and the price was right (around 13 bucks).

I remember it was very fruit forward but quite complex for the price.

90% Zinfandel, 10% Petite Sirah

89%/11% would be geekier. Just sayin’.

Since we are still wooting-off (wow! that sounds really FUN), do the wooter-offer-ers think they could provide us with some woot-off FOOD? [I’m really hoping I got all my grammar correct] Hey, how ya doin’?

Hey! Guess you haven’t been around - there were quite a few food Woots (salami, sushi kit, gourmet salt, truffle butter, olive mix, and even a bonsai olive tree) earlier, along with some complaints about too many food items.

Too much zin. Give me a pinot noir! or even a cabsav.

This has nothing to do with this wine, but I’m extremely saddened by my inability to purchase the Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree in time.

Hoping for some toffee!

I am sad to hear about that on both contexts: That I missed out on the food offerings , and that there was **TOO MUCH ** food offered – I wish the World were graced with so much affluence as to have the choices we have. To Have and To Have Not — ENJOY!

Hoping for Toffee AND Coffee!

and, maybe some Cheese, please… or, did I miss out on that already?

All I know is I gotta feed the chil’lins.