Pedroncelli 2007 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, Bushnell Vineyard - 4 Pack

Pedroncelli 2007 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, Bushnell Vineyard - 4 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
4 2007 Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
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I didn’t beat Mr. Mill, but I tried. In for two. I really have enjoyed the Pedroncelli’s I’ve purchased through woot. This is good on the pocketbook, I think I’ve had one before from an earlier woot(time will tell on that one). Also, they are pretty classic. 2007? Pretty decent year in Sonoma and Napa as well. Need more be said?

A rip-roaring $50 discount with shipping - the wines are $18 a bottle, and the winery’s shipping for four bottles is $30.

This is highly tempting, but my rule of “don’t buy four bottles of something you haven’t tried” applies - especially given that I’m hardly short on Zinfandel on my rack right now, and while good Zinfandel is one of my favorite things, bad Zinfandel gets me roundly yelled at by my entire family.

I’m low on Zinfandel, but I generally agree with your rule of not buying 4 bottles of a wine you haven’t tried. I bought 8 bottles of one that I disliked once I finally tried it… learned my lesson on that one.

This wine seems to have shown up in a few other sales for around $14 a bottle before shipping. I might still be in for 1 if I can find some room.

I somewhat enjoyed the last Pedroncelli rosé i ordered last time it was on wine.woot, but I’m with PhilSandifer on this one. A big grab-your-face Zin really makes me smack my lips, but the potential stink-eye that could come with 4 bottles of meh makes me hesitate.

I’ll sleep on it, and hope for positive comments in the morning!

I’ve enjoyed all the Pedroncelli zins I’ve had, most from wine.woot. I think these folks really care about the wine they produce.

I’d be in for 2 or 3 orders of this if I had any cooled space to store them. All full up.

But don’t let that stop you from ordering!

In my experience none of the Pedroncelli wines I have had have been amazing, but their QPR is very high. Overall I have had their friends red (one of the best everyday reds you can find at ~7-8$ per bottle), pinot noir, Petite Syrah, regular zinfandel, and I believe I recall the rumor mill indicating that Woot’s Boss Monster was a Pedroncelli sourced offering also.

If my memory holds, their wines are somewhat consistent in style; Fruit and cream with some vanilla-dominant oak. Nothing crazy jammy or massively oaked. I think of these as tasty wines that are never amazing but always just simple and tasty. Staple, everyday yummy wine. They also have enough acid that they hold up to food although they don’t demand it.

$13 is really not very expensive - you risk this on any decent bottle of wine pretty much as a baseline once you include liquor taxes. So, I find it pretty easy to justify going in for at least 1. For me personally, the question is 2 or 3.

No shipping to DC? When has that ever happened before?

Pedroncelli Zin is always a good bet for an honest, well-made and characteristic Zin that is somewhat rustically charming in youth, brawny, but has historically aged very well.

Most people - myself included - drink most Zin young. And Pedroncelli Zins are usually full of fruit without being ‘fruit forward’. But, when I have aged Pedroncelli Zins, they have always aged well.

Because of growing conditions in Dry Creek, the wine tends to be a little higher alcohol than my preference, but the Pedroncellis don’t make monsters.

For QPR, you will almost never go wrong with Pedroncelli. They have consistently punched well above their relatively modest price category.

If you like Zin and well-structured big wines, these are corks you definitely want to pull!

One of my first wootings last year was the Pedroncelli mixed case. I foudn them disappointing! not enough body, tart without the benefits of good acid. The Rosés especially just ahad no flavour. But then maybe I didn’t decant some of them long enough?

Most people here tend to like 'em.

Sounds amazing,. I wonder if my last Pedr order was just one that got boiled a bit. though I liked the Sangiovese.

BTW, rpm what does “plenty of fruit but not fruit forward” mean… ie what do you mean by the distinction?

also, re keeping them… though back then i had v little experience of CA wines, the Haywood Zins I bought last year seemed huge, so I still have five, thinking they needed some time.But it’s Zin!

Well, YMMV as they say.

My sense of the distinction is mostly a difference of degree that shades into a difference in kind - like obscenity, I know it when I see it. That’s not really helpful, I suppose. I guess I mean a strong sense of the fruit aromas and flavors without them being overwhelmingly dominant, and also fruit flavors that are on the fresher rather than the riper end of the spectrum of ripeness.

With grapes, as with all fruit, but especially the various berry aromas and flavors we tend to associate with wine, there is a range within which we’d talk about something being ripe - from ‘barely ripe’ to ‘almost a raisin’. Even a range of ‘fully ripe’ – say between ‘just fully ripe’ and ‘almost overripe’.

Great summary of my experiences with Pedroncelli. It is a very good wine not necessarily great but for the price, it is definitely a good nice wine to enjoy now.

And like you, my big question is going for 1 or 2. Going to need to see how I am doing for Zins in the wine coolers. :slight_smile:

IMHO, Pedroncelli is one of the best QPR plays going… and they are just plain nice people as well. In for 1, despite my HIWBM (Heat Imposed WBM … riding in the FedEx truck all day cooked my Clif … yes, I’ve already contacted service@woot)

No need to repeat what RPM just stated. Can’t go wrong on Pedroncelli wine. Never had a bottle of theirs that I didn’t like and they are great people when you want more. I bought a mixed case. Now I have to decide - two or three?

Some reviews I found:

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One that quotes those other guys … note, we get a better price!

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In for one. I love zins and I’ll put my new Vinturi to good use.

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You know the drill. Clicky.

Edit: Now with details about Summer Shipping!

Why is TN not on the list of states that wine.woot can ship? Does anyone know?
I am about to be very sad.