Pedroncelli 2009 Rosé Case

Pedroncelli Rosé Case
$99.99 + $7.00 shipping
12 2009 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Sonoma
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Thanks cat. Was just about to do it.

Umm ok, this makes me seriously question w.w. First with the duplication of Thursday’s offer on Friday and now a separate offer on Saturday from the same winery.

Both of those are unprecedented and make me question what’s more important to w.w., giving us original deals or peddling the same wine over and over again until the winery runs through the stash it allocated to wine.woot sales, as Pedroncelli stated they did with the Rosé on Thursdays offer thread.

I’m all for having an extra offer in the week but if you’re going to give us an extra offer on Saturday at least make it something original not a regurgitation of the same wine at near retail price.

It won’t this from selling since most people probably don’t read the boards but I’d urge those who do to not buy at least until we can get some answers as to why w.w. is changing the rules only to move this winery’s product and their motives behind this questionable move.

They are a business. Surprised that they have profits in mind? Honestly, I’m not sure why everyone is getting so upset about this. You would have been stuck with the other pedroncelli offer for the entire weekend otherwise, this gives people the ability to get some different variations.

The people who feel obligated to complain that w.w. is screwing them are just whiners. If you’re upset about the offerings then go otherwise, vote with your wallet. The meaningless ramblings that this forums allows people to vent are both its fortune and its curse, because we get people like yourself complaining. If they continue things like this, but the following sales receive no orders, then obviously they will stop offering them, its simple.

And with that, I will remove myself from the thread.

Edit: I must mention, Friday’s offering normally would go through sunday. Friday offered one specific case, Saturday offered another, and now Sunday offers another mix. If they want to move a large amount of Rose, there is no better way to do it, its really not that terrible.

Well they sell wine, we buy wine seems simple to me.

So we’ve had the Red & White, the Red & White, and the Red, where is the Blue?

Is it possible that they just…ran out of all their SB? And being the wonderful w.w people that we know and love, they couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning us with a SOLD OUT button all weekend.

At least, this is what I’d like to believe.

Our wallets??? :tongue:

I think you should have some cheese with your whine.

Will one bottle of this stuff get me falling down drunk if I slam 'er straight down? Thanks for any info. I know just about everything about Led Zeppelin but I don’t know much about wine! Led Zeppelin ROCKS HARD MAN for I am the one, the only, Nech–historical information junkie about Led Zeppelin and personal friend to the the band–THE NECH I AM!

Deadlyapp, wine.woot’s business is based on selling wine but in several places how they sell wine is laid out including giving the potential buyers a wide selection from a variety of wineries and there’s a presumption that they will take some measures to make their customers happy so that we return and spend more money with them, including not pushing the same badly priced deal over and over again.

At the price offered Thursday’s, yesterday’s and today’s deals are not up to the expected standards. I feel as a customer I have a right to call them on it if they aren’t living up to my expectations but I will continue to shop here as long as w.w. offers good deals including those amazing non-wine offers.

Edit: I’ll emphasize that I’ve been incredibly happy buying wine and other goods from woot and wine.woot so this is not meant to be a criticism of them in general, just of these last three deals.

On July 1st, the Alcoholic Beverages - Direct Wine Shipment, went into effect. It appears this law would allow to directly sell to Maryland customers. Does woot plan take advantage of this anytime soon?

Let’s focus on the wine and not the whine.

Is the wine yummy?

According to an article I read the winery has to put in an application to the state to be an approved shipper. I have never bought on w.w. but it says all wine is sold by winery so I am going to guess as long as the winery has had their application approved they would be able to ship to MD (finally!)

Can somebody correct me or tell me if I am on the right track?

This is completely correct. Woot has nothing to do with where the wines ship, it’s a winery by winery basis. And each state has different regulations (and fees associated with those regulations), which is why some wineries ship to one state but not another.

Typically the thursday deal would run through the whole weekend. The fact that they mixed it up a little each day just makes it more interesting. Let them try something new with their weekend sales.

As others have mentioned there goal is to move a lot of wine each and every day. With the three day weekend sale I suspect that saturday is slower than friday and Sunday even more so. I say let them trying something new once and a while. And if you don’t like this then well sorry folks you can complain all you want here in the forum but your loudest complaint will be with your wallets.

One of the lesser “deals” I’ve seen here. This very wine is 7.09/btl locally.

Not to mention cheaper from the winery site. Half case is $50.73 (including shipping and tax). Buying two half cases from the winery would save you $5.53 over today’s woot.

(For those who haven’t been following the chat on this weekend’s previous woots.)

I was thinking the same thing!!