Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Merlot (6)

Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Merlot 6-Pack
$64.99 $126.00 48% off List Price
2012 Pedroncelli Merlot, Bench Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
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Pedroncelli is nearly always a great QPR buy, no exception here and just adding to existing stock at a better tariff than club pricing.

Just let 'em rest a few years and enjoy the savings.

Anything Ped = autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy, autobuy…

Autobuy x3. Can’t beat the price point.

Yay! Vermont is finally on the list for shipping. I had almost given up.

New Hampshire too!! I was feeling the same way.

Automatic YES!!! Thank you Woot! Haven’t had a Pedroncelli that I didn’t love!!!

No case… Only 6? Woot ship gouging sux. You can’t miss noticing that the 12 bottle offers have nearly evaporated.

And we used to get the same ship rate for 1 or 3 quantities, and there was a time when we could combine wine with other woot purchases. And I won’t even mention how shipping ruined woot-offs )ok… I will mention it).

At least I’m back on Pedro’s ship to states…

[MOD: Shipping costs are included in the price. No additional shipping charges will be added at checkout.]

So what Mod is saying IIUC, is that if I buy quantity 3, there is a ship cost embedded in each… so rather than paying $5 for quantity 3, I’m paying $15. So things today ain’t quite what they once were.

Yeah, that '13 Zin needs some rest too but I don’t have a ton of zins and have been zipping through them. Need to tuck the last few away.
Or wait for another offer?

Wow I did not notice the shipping part until you mentioned it, thanks. This auto-buy just went to a pass for me as I had planned to buy 2.
No thank you on the shipping gouge, it feels like forever since I bought a woot with all these new policies… yes the wines are for the most part better than what I find locally but there is no longer a price incentive so why bother? At a local discounter I can buy 1 to see if I like it then get more. Shame

[MOD: Shipping costs are included in the price. No additional shipping charges will be added at checkout.]

Is there a possibility there would be Zin offer? Pedroncelli day? I thought their Zin was great for the price? Hope the Merlot is as good for the price.

I agree. The Zin does need some rest, but that hasn’t stopped me from going through most of the case I bought. I need to tuck some of mine away too.

Thanks for the post. I did not realize things had changed as it has been a while for me on a Woot wine buy. When I saw I was going to have to go through Amazon and the shipping thing, I opted out.

[MOD: Shipping costs are included in the price. No additional shipping charges will be added at checkout.]

I’m not sure what you are all smoking but when I go to check out it says “Shipping & Handling

I’ve never bought more than one of an offer which now as we know includes shipping costs. Are you guys saying that if you go for multiples of an offer there are additional shipping costs added?

[MOD: No extra shipping costs are added.]

I just cued up 3 and it still says “Shipping & Handling

These people don’t know what they are talking about.

Hey there! Looks like we have some new peeps back with us. WELCOME!

The shipping price is now included in the price you pay. So the price you see on the page is the price you’ll pay (plus sales tax, if collected).

Thanks for the clarification TT!

Less than $11/bottle including shipping and you are complaining ?!? You are missing out on some of the best QPR on the web.