Pedroncelli Friends White Wine Blend (6)

No? No Pedroncelli friends tonight?

I’m a SF Bay Area native now living in Connecticut, and oh do I miss my CA wines! For those who are wondering, this is a well known, very good winery. I don’t know this blend, but considering prices here, this seems like a great deal! Let me know if you try it!

Channelling my inner Cesare …

Pedroncelli Sonoma County Friends White Wine Blend 6-Pack
$54.99 $91.00 40% off List Price
2012 Friends White Wine Blend, Sonoma County
CT link above

Winery website

Previous offer for 2012 vintage:

note: offer has been updated from 2012 to 2013 vintage

Bought a case of this last time to enjoy on those hot, humid, Louisiana days. Very tasty semi-dry wine enjoyed with chicken and seafood or just out of the fridge.

The last Pedroncelli Friends offer was part of a mixed white case on 5/9/14. That included the 2013 Friends. Can someone verify that this offer is in fact the 2012 Friends (and not the '13)?

IIRC the 2012 included Chardonnay with the SB and Gewürztraminer, the '13 left out the Chard.

Sharp eyes, nice catch! Though who am I kidding, I’m ordering whichever year it turns out to be. Maybe a mod could check with the winery? Or maybe Ed will check in. Where’s our Ed?

I’ve been wondering if we’d see an offer of this anytime soon, I kept meaning to call the winery to order. Now I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that summer shipping gets it to me in two weeks, before I leave for vacation – seems a bit iffy.

I sent an email to the guys, hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

UPDATE Good catch, guys. Winedavid has confirmed it should be 2013.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Fixes have been made to Features, etc. Again, thanks for having hawk eyes!

It’s 2013. This was a last minute offer to fill a hole. Sorry–
for those of you wondering…it’s my drink of choice this time of year!
We didn’t feel the Chardonnay added that much to the blend. Chill it. Drink it. Push the button!

I’m in Tahoe. And my grandsons just got here!! Wish I could figure out how to post a pic. I’d make you all jealous!!

Dude, get that vino to me by 8/8 and I’ll post pics of your lovely wine alongside a bright red Maine lobstah, straight from the pound. (OK, not as cuddly as grandkids, but lovable in its own way.)

PS to post pictures here they have to be hosted somewhere on line, IIRC.

Ah yes, I do RC. Here’s a link to the instructions.

Oh, and PPS:

It’s great to see you here, wherever you’re posting from. So glad you were able to come up with an offer for today. Loved the 2012, and fully expect to love the 2013.

As I’ve posted before about the Friends …

How to tell what your SO really likes - When I’m out of town on a business trip I make sure that we have a variety of options in the refrigerator and in the rack next to the table. Then when I get home I look to see what is missing.

Even though she almost always says that she likes what I open, I figure that what she pops when it’s only her gives me the best information.

Anytime Friends is in the refrigerator, It invariably is gone when I get back.

+1 on all counts.
Last wooter to woot:pseudogourmet98

** ~~ TOUR UPDATE ~~ **

… and it’s strange Ed hasn’t paid a visit here yet …
We’ll be seeing him on Monday.

I’m lurking. :slight_smile:
Spending the day in Truckee with my son and grandsons. Friends white in the fridge for later!

Hi Ed–just put a bottle of Friends in my fridge. That leaves me one from last time around. Are you willing to help out a thirsty Minnesotan again?

Absolutely. Call on Monday 800-836-3894.

Yay! Will do.

Wasn’t going to buy any more whites this year, but what the heck. In for one!