Pedroncelli Mixed Case

Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case
$144.99 $240.00 40% off List Price
2013 Zinfandel, Mother Clone, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
2014 Merlot, Bench Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
2013 Red Wine Blend, Barrel Select, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Previous offer:

It’s Pedroncelli! Best QPR auto buy WD has sourced that shows up here in an ongoing basis.
Grab a case, or two, or three, and forget them for a bit. You will be well rewarded.

Predicting a sellout…

[Hi Ed, Jon]

Darn, I want to press that button, but I have sooooo much wine in the basement!!! This is a smashing and attractive offer that I never refuse, so I’ll have to sleep on it and see what happens tomorrow!

Those that are looking for some great QPR wine, better get it while you can!!

We haven’t had any of the vintages offered here, but all of the previous vintages of these wines we have drank were great, including the 2011s from which I generally stray away. I have no doubt all of these wines are very good and drink well over $12/bottle. Someone here did say Pedroncelli is Italian for QPR after all.

Ok, taking a gamble on this offer. This is when it starts getting hot here in Vegas and I usually stop ordering in March. As you can see in all comments including those in the past…it screams QPR. QPR. QPR… In for one and my crossing fingers.

And like RJ said, it’s an auto buy for sure! I have no room and still 3/4 a case of some Pedroncelli left…and I still couldn’t pass.

Happy Anniversary to WineFarm and WineDavid39!!!

Okay, last post, then it’s into the bunker for the rest of today! :wink:

So join or create a WW Gathering!

Anyone in Atlanta area interested in a split? It’s a space issue.

How long should we let these lay before opening?

This would be an autobuy if only the cab were included.

Is this “red blend” like the “Friend’s Red” from prior offerings?

Love your cabs but really NOT a fan of the Friend’s Red.

Any chance I could substitute the 2013 Cabernet? Please?

If we’re doing swaps, can I have Pinot?

Not sure if I have had one of their blends before, however the Zins and Merlots are house favorites. Sounds like this blend includes some good juice so should be okay, if not will be good for gifting / events.

Was running low on me Ped so glad to see this, just need to check space for how much :slight_smile:

Unrelated: why no bidet theme for the wine page?

A great 4/1 deal would be a collaborative mystery case from Scott Harvey, Wellington, and Pedroncelli…


I’ve never had a bad bottle of Pedroncelli. I’m in for one. It will be my last order until the weather begins to cool again here in Florida.

Not even close.
Purchased twice before, I’ve already gone through three of four of the 10 I got that other W-wine site.

Edited from my CT TN: (I originally thought this was a Custom blend for xxxx, but perhaps not as it’s now shown up elsewhere) a bit more fruit forward than most Pedroncelli, but as with most all, given a bit of time this will reward. Again, more than just a cellar saver.

Well stored, I think this easily has a few years to peak and then some after, as it drank well for multiple days after opening just stored, no Ar, in the fridge.

Bought this as a half case (x2!) when it came up a month or two ago. Have only had one or two bottles so far and can’t justify more otherwise I’d snag it!

I’m in the same situation–basement racks are almost full, and would love to split. I’m in Tucker… you?

No room for more wine, but I can’t help myself, in for 1.

My ability to not order Pedroncelli is about as strong as my ability to not eat potato chips.