Pedroncelli Mixed Case

Hey Ron. Jon here. Ed is on vacation. Glad you’re still loving these wines. Ain’t no foolin’, this is an April steal! Cheers!

You won’t regret it. In fact you’ll love it! But I think you know that already. Cheers!

Hey there. This Barrel Select Blend is quite different then our Friends blend. Barrel select is Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Merlot. Smooth and juicy! Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks so much for the support. Keep it cool over there in Florida.

I’ve got the same issue. Although I’d add popcorn to that list. Lol!

I can tell you that the 2013’s are drinking beautifully. Could go a couple years to get at more fruit, but still ripe out of the bottle. Enjoy!

You could probably go 5 years easy, although a good decanting will help get to the fruit. Either way. Enjoy!

Oh wow am I conflicted. Just bought a case of Pedro’s Pinot a few days ago… and now I want this too.

Maybe I should splurge so I can coast through the summer shipping season.

Why oh why oh why… Tell me this is an April Fool prank.

The prank is that you can’t resist!!
Happy April Fool’s!

No duh!
Hey, just visited your site and there sure is a lot that is sold out…
Guess I need to call soon and chat.

Also, don’t forget to tell the new wooters here of your rockin’ policy when they purchase juice direct that WD dosen’t offer here.

More history too on the blend.
Never been on your site, but has been offered elsewhere.
Custom crush or commissioned?

What else is new?
Hi to all.

In. Love me some zin from dry creek valley-Pedro cells to boot

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Any RS?

Also, what is case production for each of the wines?

Thanks Ron. As a reminder to ALL Wine Woot customers Pedroncelli offers Wine Club pricing for all orders. Just give Jon a call and he can get you set up as a customer in our system and then you’ll have access to ALL varietals at discounted pricing. Our 2013 Red Wine Blend is a sourced, proprietary blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Zinfandel hand picked from the hills & benches of Northern Sonoma County. Rich, full and juicy! New Chardonnay’s coming soon!

Case production of Mother Clone Zinfandel approx. 5000, Merlot approx. 1000 & Barrel Select Red Wine Blend approx. 1000.
RS? Elaborate please. To early for my brain to comprehend. Cheers!

No RS. :slight_smile:

In for a case, never miss this deal!

Find a taker? I get to Alpharetta about once a month.


Vinings here. Easy for us to meet half-way. I already pulled trigger so just let me know

Ah yes, I’ll be in Vinings next week! Too soon for this shipment though. Private email on it’s way.