Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case

Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case
$139.99 $243.00 42% off List Price
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Three Vineyard Blend, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
2013 Signature Selection Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County
2012 Merlot, Bench Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
2013, Sonoma County Red Wine
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Now if that were six bottles of the Cabernet, at a reasonable price of course, it could be an interesting offer.

Do you have any Merlot or pinot loving friends?

I want to drink wine, everybody is having so much fun, pairing wines with different foods, wine parties all the time. Events at wineries. Wine taste so nasty to me, but I am going to force myself to acquire a taste for wine, cause I feel like I am missing out on really good times.

I don’t know if it’s an age or an experience thing (I grew up with wine so I never had this phase), but I’ve noticed most of my friends disliked wine until they were 21-25. I don’t know if it’s because they forced themselves to drink it for 3-5 years, or if it’s just a palate that is acquired with age, but I would suggest starting out with easy drinking wines and work your way up. Same idea with beers… I used to hate stouts, now they’re my favorite. I have friends who love sour beers… I can tolerate them, but none of us started out drinking sours.

It’s a progression. All the good wines from NY are sweet. Start with a wine slushie, progress to Rieslings, Gewurstraminers and sweet white blends. One day you will say, “that’s too sweet”. Then go to a tasty red blend, like Menage a Trois, then try a delicious Zinfandel from Lodi or Amador County. Then one day a friend (a really good friend) will say, “Taste this Shafer One Point Five Cab…or Caymus, or Silver Oak, or…” Then there’s no going back. You’ll be in an alley with a paper bag, trying to recreate that moment.

And here I thought I’d get away with a month without a wine buy from Woot. My once very large supply of Pedroncelli is running low (especially the cab’s) so looks like I might be in for 3…need to discuss with SWMBO first of course…

In for 1!

And I disagree with the best wines from NY are sweet. That’s just wrong.

Wrong indeed. They produce some serious vinfera reds in New York State (and Pennsylvania as well along the Lake Erie shore), Cab Sauv and Cab Franc as well as some hybrids that do well there. Chambourcin, Chancellor, Marechal Foch, among others produce very drinkable wines albeit without the complexity of the classic vinefera reds.

RPM, if you are here, PM for you.

Dr. Konstantin Frank makes a really good Old Vines Pinot Noir.

Just got back from Sonoma last week and had a great tasting at Pedroncelli. We were there early so we were the only visitors at the time and Juliette made it an awesome tasting experience (Thanks Juliette!). All the wines we tasted were excellent at their price range, which included all the wines on this deal.

Randysanders mentioned Silver Oak Cabs in this discussion…he is correct in using them as an example of incredibly good wines, but they are high end and not intended for your average daily drinker. Pedroncelli has the philosophy that everyone should enjoy a good quality wine at a fair price every day and they accomplish that with their entire line. Add the WOOT discount and this becomes an excellent deal with a great QPR.

Is it possible to get this shipped by UPS?

I don’t know when NH got added back to the list of ship-to states, but thanks to the wootbot email, I have a reason to check in on wine.woot again.

I would normally grab a case mixed case like this, but I REALLY don’t like Pinot Noir. I’ve tasted PN from several vintners ranging from $10/bottle to $120/bottle and only vaguely liked the $120 sample more.
Just something about it I don’t like.

I have loved my Pedroncelli mixed cases before but have not had the Friend’s Red. Could anyone that has had this comment?

When we tasted at Pedroncelli last week we bought a bottle of the Friend’s Red and the Friend’s White as something not too expensive that we could enjoy in our hotel room. It has red berry, fruit forward flavors. Maybe a little jammy but with a decent soft, medium finish for the price. If you liked the rest of the Pedroncelli Mixed Case offerings this should be good for you too, despite it being the least expensive. We liked it.

I have. It’s a really nice, accessible juice. I like to serve it to friends who say they don’t like reds. The are most often very pleasantly surprised

Last Wooter to Woot:

Easy drinkin quaffer,crowd pleaser. IMO a bit lighter,more new world than their other reds,but still good . Try it

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