Pedroncelli Mixed Red Case

Ed is back in the shed.

He’s here with a cornucopia of red.

Never fear, fellow Wooter,

as Pedroncelli feels like a two-fer.

Meaning the QPR’s always so good you,

seriously wonder if you’re a looter.

What I’m saying is… buy this stuff!

Juliette is amazing (at nearly 80 she’s like the Energizer Bunny!) She is my mother-in-law’s best friend since high school and my wife’s name sake. She is truly a part of our family!


You nailed it. I would add that even though more contemporary in style, still well balanced. Love this stuff.

Does this mean I could raise the price 50% and it would still be a deal? Baby needs new shoes!

It’s been said that Pedroncelli is Italian for QPR.

No. Everything comes fedex.

Just want to let you know that all the good wines from NYS are NOT sweet. You probably haven’t had any in a while. The Finger Lakes Region is well known for it’s award winning Rieslings, which are not all sweet. I think you are confusing fruit-forward with sweetness. And, the Finger Lakes region is producing some absolutely stunning reds - Cab Francs, Merlot, and meritage-stlye blends that have gone head to head in blind tastings against both Old World and New World heavy hitters and were rated as good or better than those wines. Check out Inspire Moore Winery and Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery.

Honestly, some of the Inspire Moore Reserve Wines can stand up to the Caymus or Silver Oak. Hard to believe, but true.

It’s nearly summer, where’s the case of mixed whites?

Funny you should say this, because Pedroncelli PN, which we ordered in a restaurant, was the first step for us in what’s become a love affair with Pedroncelli wines in general. The gateway wine, you might say. I’d suggest trying one, paired with the proper meal, and if you don’t like it, you can gift/sell the rest.

hmmmm. I’ll have to look into that!

Hermann Wiemer’s Cab Franc is terrific. Their Rieslings are outstanding as well.

Sounds to me like you may be a big, bold red drinker. Pinot Noir, by nature, should be more delicate. It should be inviting and intriguing…bright cherry aroma with a little earthiness. I drink quite a bit of Pinot Noir. I am not a fan of “big Pinots”. It’s a bit of an oxymoron to me. This wine is varietally correct, bright acidity, great balance. I agree that you should try one and if you don’t care for it, pass the others on. Pinot lovers will enjoy this one!

I’m wondering if I could call the winery to get this deal shipped direct? Since Amazon took over woot, we can no longer get wine.woots here in VA, and I really like Pedroncelli. So, Pedroncelli, can/will you direct ship to Virginia?

Oh, heck yeah! Give Jon a call in the office 800-836-3894.

Even if I wanted to say no (which I didn’t) this offer was impossible for me to pass on. I’ve never been disappointed by Pedroncelli wines…and I’ve bought quite a few of them.

Awe, shucks…

Ed: any notes on the PN? Is it more RRV colaish or more like San pablo Bay earthish? Do I make sensish? Thanks


Thanks! Back when I used to be able to buy here, Pedroncelli was always an autobuy. So good of you to accommodate me. Much appreciated!

Ugh. When I think of earthy, the last thing I want to think about is San Pablo Bay!!
I’d say it leans more to the Russian River Valley ‘cola’ though not sweet and syrupy like most of the Pinot’s coming out of CA these days–they are disgusting IMHO. There is a slight smokiness, but primarily the cherry you’d expectish.
Does that cover it?