Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case

Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case
$99.99 + $7.00 shipping
6 2009 Sauvignon Blanc East Side Vineyard Dry Creek Valley
6 2009 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Sonoma
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Yay! kttest got it right

The Pedroncelli rosé is pretty dry, not a sweet abomination at all! I had it in the April 2009 woot one of my first woots. Not then my favourite, as decent rosé was very new to me then so I might have a different opinion nowadays. People here do rave about it.

July 09 wootoff where rpm said: “This stuff is a dry rose. Think character more like a Provencal or Taval rose, allowing for the difference in grapes.”

The screwtop is a little disappointing, I know that there are concerns with corking and all but it’s just not as rewarding to unscrew a cap. I enjoy the ‘pop’ of a cork, and a screw top just brings the experience down a notch.

But hey- for under $9/bot, I may still be in for one once the labrats report- I’m all out whites right now which just shouldn’t happen in the summer.

I am not sure this is much of a deal. The winery web site shows a six pack of either of these wines for $42 + $5 shipping. They do say the SB is sold out, but it looks like you could have gotten this deal direct for $94.

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between “Dry Rosé of Zinfandel” and (gasp) “White Zinfandel”?

My wife had the 2009 Sauvignon Blanc East Side Vineyard last week with friends in a St. Paul, MN, restaurant, and brought home the empty bottle so I could try to locate more of it. When she wakes up, she’s gonna be happy that I’m in for two. As for the Dry Rosé of Zinfandel, I’ll be smiling if it’s anything like the style of Pedroncelli’s Zinfandel Rosé in its early incarnation before the winery dumped in the sugar and turned that exquisite reddish pink dry varietal wine into cloying white zinfandel a la Sutter Home. The Pedroncelli owners made a ton of money by going sweet, but they sold their souls. I’m hoping that this dry rosé is their attempt at redemption. Otherwise I’ll serve it to unsuspecting friends on hot summer nights – it was 95 degrees and humid Thursday in the Twin Cities, and heading for 98 on Friday

Sugar and the lack thereof.

I’m somewhat amazed that w.w actually has a dry rosé as even half of an offer. I’m sure they’ve done it before but it’s pretty rare.

I noticed someone mentioned that the rosé was dry, anyone know what the Sauvignon on this offer is like?

As always the required question. What’s the drinking window on these?

So with shipping all 12 bottles, it’s $8.92 a bottle. Humm

went to the site, doesn’t seem like much of a deal.
$47 for 6’er of each, including shipping, not sure about tax though.

This is a solid deal, quaffable summer wines for less than $10. White zins are great if done correctly, even a well made off dry example can be good especially for hot weather.

I’ve never heard of a sweet Sauvignon Blanc! Figures and experience of the winery suggest it’ll be fresh and dry. Both of these wines are generally for immediate drinking! Good summer stuff.

It would appear then that the woot deal is better.

The winery charges tax, at least for shipments to NYS. In one of those weird coincidences, after contemplating these summer specials for a few weeks, I ordered six of the dry rose from the winery just last night, along with six of the Syrah (which costs a buck more per bottle, but has the same $5 shipping).

The Syrah we know from previous Woots, my buddy from work asked me to order it for him, but the dry Rose is a leap of faith. Hope the Rats report back favorably. I do love a dry rose on a summer afternoon. Some nice grilled fish or lamb, mmmm. Or chicken. Whatever. Summer!

Hey WOOT…its not yet on your list of approved states, but as of today, you can now ship to MARYLAND>>>>

The best whites I’ve ever had have had screwtops…and, from everything I’ve learned, screwtops may actually have only advantages over cork: no disadvantages.

My experience with them and the wine that comes after unscrewing a bottle has made me a definite fan. I say don’t be afraid of change if it’s all for the better :slight_smile:

Ooh! A late night email notification! But wait! I’m working tomorrow morning when FedEx comes! So, I put a sticky on the door saying I’ll be home at noon. Of course, when I get home, there is a door tag from FedEx saying they were by at 10:00am. I’ll be home tomorrow morning, though, so it will have to be a late labrat report… but this is Texas, so it might be a labrat report on cooked wine, but there’s not much I can do.

At about 1:45, the FedEx truck (gasp) COMES BACK!!! I thank him profusely, sign for my package and bring it in and open it up! There’s my golden ticket!! My golden ticket!!! I smile at the free bottle of wine and place it in the refrigerator. I smile at the irony that the bottle that I will be ratting happens to be from one of the 4 California labels that I used to sell when I was a wine consultant for a French importer/distributor in NY. An old friend, indeed.

I come home from a short meeting, dinner is finishing in the oven and I crack the Stelvin on the bottle of Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley East Side Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2009 and pour some into a glass. I personally adore screwcaps (especially in restaurant settings when the waiter tries to open them with a corkscrew) and I’m glad to see Pedroncelli is using them. I grab a glass and pour myself a goodly amount and then run around the house trying to find a blank piece of paper so that I can see a good color contrast.

Paper found, I determine that the color of the wine is a pale straw, with green and gray glints showing in the shadows.

A big sniff shows me a surprisingly floral nose with some green apple, maybe a little reticent, but who wouldn’t be after spending 6 hours in a FedEx truck in Texas? In summer??

A sip at 7:50 gives me more of that crisp, clean green apple with some lemon and grapefruit… maybe even some pineapple hints. The wine has mouthwatering acidity and finishes cleanly with some minerals. Very nice round mouthfeel, and I’m getting almost a spritzy feeling - wonderful when the heat index outside is somewhere around 103, let me tell you.

8:10, I’m still sipping and as the glass is warming up, the wine is showing more citrus notes - the grapefruit is still not too prominent, though. Lemon peel is coming through, the minerals are still showing and the nose is still reticent.

8:45 and glass 2. The spritz seems to be mostly gone, the apple-citrus character is holding court. My husband looks at me writing notes and proclaims the wine “crisp and well-balanced with a hint a grapefruit - a perfect summer white”. So, y’all get the labrat times 2!

Pedroncelli is a solid producer; I was pleased to sell them and am pleased to drink them. The SB is a fine example, and I recall the Dry Rose of Zin is really yummy. Even though I’m at the stage of having to exchange up in size on wine racks, I’m in! So glad to see this mixed case, I might be in for 2!

YES!!! I received a golden ticket on the Sauvignon Blanc, I called 3 people in my wine club and we’ll be meeting at 5pm Central time to give it a go. I hope post tasting notes before 7pm…stay tuned…
Thank you wine.woot for the lab rat opportunity!