Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case

We need to have some emoticon-like item that we can simply drop into a thread explaining how the list of states to ship to is determined by what states the winery on a particular offer has permission to ship to.

First of all, calm down. The representative from the winery is on vacation; he said that in the last thread. Hence, the lack of participation. Pedroncelli has always been very good to us.

Second of all, calm down. This is certainly an odd situation, but I don’t think that one odd occurrence warrants such a histrionic response. There is nothing to be cautious or worry about. What would you be cautious of anyway? WD stealing your children at night?

Third, what are the several odd things that have happened in the last couple of weeks? This is the first one I’ve noticed.


This, from the wine maker yesterday, might suggest something new again tomorrow…and Monday from Pendroncelli…

We aren’t sold out of the Rose, and all the SB is committed to WW. It’s a steal on the SB–usually sells for $12/bottle. I’m on vacation, so I’ll ask someone else to do the math, but when we eat the sales tax and you cost average the two, I think it’s a pretty good deal. If not, I’m sure Wine David will have another great offer tomorrow. And the next day. And the next…

While I don’t know what jbfowlertx was posting about, many thought the last woot-off, aka: the wootoff from hell, aka the Cosentino woot-off, was somewhat odd. By the way: has anyone seen any of the Cosentino wines yet? Tuesday will be 3 weeks!

That was a sell-off. We saw the same thing when Haven’s went under. While it may not have been the offerings you or I wanted, I didn’t find it strange at all.

I’m glad you asked about Consentino. I thought we had drunk it all already!

I got my shipment of “The Cab” out of nowhere yesterday. It was sent via Golden State Overnight There was no shipping notification on my Woot account or email. I’m happy it finally arrived and can’t wait to try it this weekend :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for both of the Cosentinos I bought. I did get my Iron Horse and balsamic vinegar, though…

Back to the Wine.Woot at hand… I don’t usually drink rose wines, but am intrigued by the ones offered here because people have said they aren’t really sweet. Would these roses be best served chilled?

I ordered my case yesterday, but had this little tidbit at home. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune Taste section a week ago.

Deals of the Week: If there’s one area in the bargain realm where California excels, it’s with red blends, many of them old-fashioned field blends. Case in point: The Pedroncelli “” 2009 ($10). It boasts gobs of great fruit and spice from the merlot, zinfandel and syrah, a just-right jolt of acidity from the sangiovese and nice depth from good ol’ fashioned winemaking. And in the vein of “like with like” food pairings, this simple-pleasure wine is a perfect match for frilled burgers, hot dogs and pizza.

Hey WD… maybe we need some Pedroncelli friends??

Dry, crisp, and delicious. These are more like French roses than what one traditionally thinks about with American pink wine. And yeah, chilled.

I hope the lack of Q-P’s is not an indication that the rose really sucks… (I’m not of a fan of roses in general, but I will certainly vouch for the Sauvignon Blanc)… I would have gone 9:3 in favor of the SB – then it would be a deal…

I’ll admit I’m very surprised by this attempt to shame/scold/ridicule me so publicly. This board has generally been respectful, but the repeated “calm down” comments sure come across as childish when my only concern is with the strange things going on the last two days and the last couple of weeks.

If it only seems strange to me because I don’t have a long history with woot, that’s fine. I’ve been honest about possibly being wrong on this deal and others. I don’t think I am and this person’s defensive response strengthens my opinion.

I’m not saying I’m right. I’m not saying I’m jumping ship on woot (they have some great deals and usually great service, just not the last couple of weeks – is someone on vacation?). I’m just saying that some things aren’t professional and appear questionable, at best. It’s worth being cautious on this site if you think you’re getting a great deal when you aren’t.

If “calming down” means being ignorant about the deals and their value, then I encourage no one to calm down (that sounds much more vigilant than I intended). Stay on top of things here and let us all know if you find out an offering is as questionable as this one. That’s all. My world will continue to turn.

Don’t be surprised at the comments, some people on here can be rude at times. I am in agreement with you, but after reading others’ comments yesterday I decided that some people ‘just don’t get it.’

I figure if they don’t understand or care that they are actually paying more for the wine, then that’s their choice. Perhaps some feel a loyalty to woot and see our honest concerns as a threat, I really don’t know. I keep reminding myself of that old saying about people and their money if you get my drift.

Watching the woot! watcher sales today versus yesterday there is a huge slow down, whether that’s related to the holiday weekend, concerns over the deal or something else I do not know.

Le sigh…

I did not try to publicly shame you. Once again, a bit dramatic. My post was serious but I had hoped that my calm downs would read as intended – a bit tongue in cheek. Nor do I think my post was rude; certainly no more rude than accusing a vacationing winery rep of something mortgage nefarious.

Wine.woot puts out 5 deals per week. And 99 out of 100, they are very good deals. On very rare occasions, WD misses. And when someone finds a better deal, they are encouraged to post it. In fact, they get a quality post for doing so! Don’t like the offering? Don’t buy. I didn’t. But don’t act like the world is coming after you so you need to be cautious and hyper vigilant (more tongue in cheek).


They weren’t, I guess.
Luv ya man, but, I did a double-take when I saw the name on the post was yours.

And as for you, I love your posts and am hoping you will post more often.

[QUOTE=kylemittskus, post:35, topic:318269]
Le sigh…

I did not try to publicly shame you. Once again, a bit dramatic.

Well, perhaps you would clarify things. I was under the impression that you worked for WOOT and you were just trying to defend the companyline. Is that wrong? I would agree that you perhaps were the overdramatic poster.

Once again personalities precede pertinent, precise, and palpable analysis of the wine.woot! offering… the immaturity displayed in this forum over the last several months denotes the absence of numerous dedicated and longtime contributors to the wine.woot! community… It’s time to grow up, people, and put on your big person pants (or dresses, if you wish), and resume the task of cultivating honorable and educable dialogue…