Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case

Awwwww … let’s throw some sticks on the campfire, form a circle holding hands, and sing a few verses of “Kum-bay-yah”.

Sounds great! Does this offering pair okay with Smores?


Let us examine more closely your statement “Very odd having this same deal two days in a row…” – for quite a long time now, the Friday wine.woot! offering has gone through the weekend… that is 12 a.m. CDT Friday until 12 a.m. Monday… Sheeessh!

Hey guys, let’s just say that the change-over to a new deal last night threw us all off kilter (I KNOW IT DID ME!) and let it go.

One big happy family, we are!

And yoda is our father? :tongue:

For my part, I apologize to all who were offended by my post. Offense was not my intent. And it is so long gone, my real intent no longer matters.

Indeed, We Are Family !

My take on this is that if you personally feel that this is not quite as good a deal as your used to on this site then don’t buy it. There are tons of Places to buy wine.
Take your business somewhere else.
Also, as Kyle mentioned earlier posting some info about the deal whether good or bad will often times earn you a quality post.