Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case

Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case
$99.99 + $7.00 shipping
6 2010 Sauvignon Blanc East Side Vineyard Dry Creek Valley
6 2009 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County
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I don’t get it. Why is this so special? It just looks like a lot of weird wine.

Pedroncelli makes good hootch. In for one.

They aren’t exactly asking “special” prices for it. Sure, a mixed case of this going for around 250, I would ask what is so special about it. This is pretty much what it appears to be at a decent price. Pedroncelli makes good wine. My problem with the offering is that we just had a rose yesterday, and I have a feeling this will sit for a while on the woot-off. Other than that self-serving reason, I wouldn’t knock this offer, or claim it is aiming to be something it is not.

I bought a case last time and whilst the Sauvignon Blanc is quite drinkable (its not as tart as (say) a Kiwi SB but pleasant enough), the Rose is really only ever a hot summers day drink (its pinkish, wet and alcoholic with nothing really that recommends it further). On the Wine advocate scale I’d say the Rose is in the mid to high 70s, the SB in the lowish 80s.

This is cheap wine, reasonably well made but not to be cellared or opined over. Drink it, dont think about it too much and enjoy.

Tasted several different Pedroncelli wines when we visited Ty Caton’s wine tasting room last summer. For an overbearingly hot south Texas summer, at a pricepoint under $9 delivered to my doorstep, these will be perfectly quaffable to relieve the still 100°+ days ahead.


Lots of summer left in Texas, soon it should be cool enough to set outside and have a nice white by the pool. In for one.

If you don’t still have enough of these to get you to the cooler weather, buy this woot! Pedroncelli’s dry Zinfandel rose is excellent for hot days with foods you might have reds with in the Fall or Winter, and the Sauvignon Blanc is a very solid, basic Sauvignon Blanc for warm weather drinking.

For those who don’t know Pedroncelli, one of my first posts on wine.woot back in 2007 was to explain how Pedroncelli had long been almost a ‘local knowledge’ go-to, great QPR, winery making very solid wines that always tasted far above their modest price points.

When it’s hot outside, I like to go into the AC and drink red wine. PROTIP!

Word up!

Hoping for some nice Cab to be offered today

Come on, WW…let’s get this “gone” and move to the cooler stuff! =D (hehe)

Would someone please please please buy this so we can move on.

got a feeling this one’s not going away :frowning:

Any time now, WD.

While I can’t help with this one, +1 to what’s above.

There’s a Meeker offering somewhere out there in Wootopia this afternoon - and I want to see it!

Sad that I missed the Albino Rhino, would have made for an even nicer mixed case with the Pink Elephant. Nothing against Pedroncelli, of course. Or Ty Caton… or Wine David… or Woot!

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way -
Rat me, Wootadeus! I’ll be sure to please the King by not providing “too many notes”.

I bought a case of Pedroncelli mixed reds the last time they were on woot. Abolutely amazing.

Waiting for these to go is like watching grass grow…ugh