Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case

Pedroncelli Mixed White / Rosé Case
$99.99 + $5 shipping
6 2010 Sauvignon Blanc East Side Vineyard Dry Creek Valley
6 2009 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Sonoma
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Previous offer:

has anyone had these wines?

Old offering with LabRat notes:

The photo is very confrontational. It’s like West Side Story but with wine.

HA! :slight_smile:

LOL - If it was $10 cheaper I would be in…

Slap a Woot Cellars label on these, and they would sell out in no time!

Thanksgiving feast wine on the cheap!

Pedroncelli website has them cheaper. $42.00 a case plus 5 bucks shipping. I guess if you by more than 2 cases you would save on shipping. Not a good deal at all!

Tonight… tonight… I’ll drink this wine tonight…

I feel tipsy… oh so tipsy…

When you’re a grape you’re a grape all the way…

See what you started?? I hope you’re happy, I know some of my cube farm neighbors aren’t. Meh they’re usually a crabby lot anyway…

Where’s the Wellington? Or Macrostie?

As many times as they have been offered I would guess everyone but me and you.

I got 'em last time. I shouldn’t say this as it is counterproductive to getting them sold and off the docket, but I was not impressed. Even at this price. They worked for the purposes I used them for (quality threshold being that it was wet and alcoholic) but I wouldn’t buy again for personal consumption. When I poison myself, I like it to taste better generally.

It’s $42 for 6 of the Dry Rose. And the Blanc is on there for $13/bottle. Combined that would be a case, 6 of each, for $120 plus shipping.

my poor credit card… Discover card people have already called me to be sure I am really ordering all of this wine - so maybe I need to pass on this case…

If you’re ever in Oregon, I make a mean Skittle wine.

Just saying, if you want tasty poison and all…

I bought this for my wife. I have really liked other wines by them as well. These are right up her alley.

I’m taking a chance and having them shipped to my new office that I move into the week of Thanksgiving. Judging by how most wines ship, this should work!

Hope this gets here in time for Thanksgiving festivities.

everyone still at lunch or something?