Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel (6)

Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel 6-Pack
$69.99 $118.00 41% off List Price
2011 Pedroncelli Zinfandel, Mother Clone, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley
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Scott Harvey, Wellington, & now Pedroncelli???

You’re killing me WineDavid!!!

Will never purchase a mattress from this guy again. Total crap !

how tannic is this wine, and how much decanting time does it need? I still remember boss monster and the many hours it needed to decant

We usually decant this about 30 minutes before pouring.

Looks like my first skip on a Pedroncelli in 3 years. We have about 18 bottles of this Zin left. I was really hoping for the Cab. :frowning:

I have exhausted my supply of Pedroncelli Zin so I’m glad to have a wootlegger in place.
I would love to see the cab, too. I just ordered a case of the Three Vineyards Cab and it is disappearing fast. I got a bottle in my last wine club shipment and had to have more. With the QPR of Pedroncelli I could drink their wines every night.

LOL. We consider the Cab an everyday drinker in my house. Anytime it shows up we buy the max. As you said the QPR is amazing. The Zin requires some hearty food to go with so we don’t go through it as fast. We were very happy with the Sangiovese that they put in the last woot they had!

Woofers always receive a 25% discount when ordering 12b or more,and a 50% shipping discount. Call is at 800-836-3894 so we can flip some switches in your record and BOOM! You win!

Have not had this wine, but the specs are the specs I shoot for when I bottle my Zinfandels. I enjoy the spice that I have tasted in other Pedroncelli Zinfandels.

Italian for QPR™, etc.

Ed never disappoints.

Scott approved.

Buy it!

Pedroncelli Zin and Cab have long been ‘local knowledge’ as great value Zin and (surprisingly) ageworthy Cab. A bit rustic, compared to the more elegant Napa Zins, the Mother Clone Zin uses fruit from clones of their oldest plantings, which are at least 100 years old and more (not, as far as I can tell, pre-phylloxera, however). The Cabs are best between 10 and 20 - it’s very traditional winemaking with a fairly light hand in the celllar. Lovely, lovely people - if you don’t know them, you should really go meet them.

Couldn’t agree more!!

Dude. I CAN go on vacation!

Popped a bottle of this very wine last night with my in-laws over some Indian food. The wine stands up well to the spicy curry and has nice zinfandel fruit offset with a good degree of spiciness. I don’t think I’ve ever opened a bottle of Pedroncelli that I didn’t like. Further I never feel bad sharing a bottle over dinner with my friends and family who are very much into wine.

I’ve got a case or so left at home, and am in for more. For$14 delivered this wine is a great deal to open up on a Tuesday night or with guests.

What are the chances of getting this deal, possibly a 12 pack, shipped to defiance, MO?

After my brother’s wedding that I provided 2 cases of wine for has decimated my red wine collection of mostly Scott Harvey’s wine. I need to restock. In for 6 bottles

Took my mom up to Pedroncelli last year and this was one of her favorites (I really liked it as well!) I’m in for a 6 pack!