Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zinfandel (6)

There was a phone number posted by the winery rep 7 hours ago. Try calling them and find out. They have a great track record of honoring these deals for folks who live in states for which they have a license, but can’t ship via wine.woot.

As the producer, we can ship direct. Please call the office at 800-836-3894 and we’ll hook you up!

You must have caught us on a good day! :slight_smile:


He’s suggesting that you’ll be his replacement.

Suggesting?! I’ve already changed my OGM, put an Auto-reply on the email, have packed my Rosé and Friends.White. I am OUTTA here!!

And I didn’t even get a quality post for it…

[MOD EDIT: ALL HAIL DA RPM; quality of postness added]

It has to be enough that you are a quality drinker! Thanks for the help!

Purchased the rose/white case a few months back. The rose and sauv blanc have more fizz than I am used to. Care to comment on this, Pedroncelli? BTW Pedroncelli is always a must visit when we hit Dry Creek Valley…always down to earth and nice staff

all is well. Pedroncelli is on wine.woot.

thanks again Ed.

Purchased the Cab Zin blend in the past and have enjoyed both. Waiting for another to enjoy.,

I was hoping for a port!

Wow, you have amazing powers of suggestion! Here’s a Port for you!

I love you even though you’re a Betta Koi and I’m a V’owl. Port is a love that crosses all boundaries. That being said, any Bottles of Cab I grab are MINE and I’m not sharing.

Actually, I think the Port being sought was this one
Pedroncelli Port

I reckon you’re right, and I’m not forgetting your kind offer above (and in every one of your recent offers that I’ve seen) to make us Wooters “family”. So your fellow Vowel clan member is lucky – two nice Port options await! What’s not to like?

Talked to Joann at pedroncelli, and was super pleased. Have a 6 pack of the offering, and another 6 pack varietal coming this way. Thanks so much!

Order placed on 7/7. A week later received tracking number with an expected delivery date of 7/22. Looking again, after another week, tracking number is still the same, but the delivery date is gone. Now the FedEx site only shows “Shipment information sent to FedEx” as 7/15 … I assume these guys went out of business (sort of reddit effect, caused by woot ;-))??

Wine.woot shipments take a bit longer than shipments from our other sites. Allow at least 2-3 weeks. During these summer months, they have to time the shipments to keep the bottles moving.

The FAQ:

How long is shipment going to take?
You should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. We know the wait is kind of a drag. But it’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and since we leave it to the wineries to get the wine to you, you can count on their experience to send their wine using their expert methodologies.