Pedroncelli Port 500ml (3) & Chocolate

Pedroncelli Sonoma County Port 500ml 3-Pack and Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate
$44.99 $75.00 40% off List Price
2008 Vintage Port Four Grapes, Sonoma County 500ml
Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate

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This is most likely the 2008 vintage despite being listed as 2007. Same thing happened last time. And the time before that…

EDIT to note that I have tried both vintages and they were equally delicious IMHO

[MOD: Correct 2008. Sale is being updated.]

Uh, oh! I absolutely LOVE this stuff! Will have to break the SIWBM for this! This is a definite auto buy! :tongue:

Haha, funny, was thinking of getting this as a gift for someone, but couldn’t remember if it was good. Was going to ask Mark, then saw he’s first sucker and your post. Now I just need an address from them where it won’t sit out in 90 degree weather all day.

Oh boy, oh boy. I have been waiting for this for quite some time. I’m down to two bottles which is just not acceptable. Despite being on a complete wine fast, there’s no choice here - must buy.

Absolutely LOVE this port. I even tried the muffins, but wasn’t all that impressed… could have been the baker though (lol). An auto buy for sure - max to (3). Should have made it max (4) so we could fill a case.

With Wooter’s clamoring at the keyboard we had to get something up quick. The only photo was of the 2007! YES it is 2008 vintage. And YES its just as delicious. IMHO

Don’t forget–you can always get club pricing if you call us direct. 800-836-3894. The deal isn’t quite as good, but it beats the heck out of drinking water!! Do you know what fish do in water??

Yeah WD. WTHeck?

Wait… what? What happened to the case Pendroncelli Zin? Drat!

So good it sold out! Give the winery a call, we’ll put you on a list.

Yum! This is great stuff…so good we picked up a few bottles while on the RPM Tour to help fill our Pedroncelli case.
Looking forward to next time, Ed!

Anyone from SoCal that bought zin willing to share? Please PM me. Thanks


Just looked and saw that I have some 2006. I love all Pedro reds!! In on this one too

well this just stinks… I saw the zin before I went to work…crazy day… just got home to find out the zin is gone :frowning: oh well must get the super yummy port!!! Thanks Ed for the yummy yummmy wines you make!! :slight_smile:

Call the office,we’ll put you on the list and let you know if we have any left.800-836-3894.

Perfect I’ve been looking for a good deal on ports or half bottles. Perfect drink for middle of the week without having to open a whole bottle.

The port is one of the Pedroncelli’s I have not had but have been looking forward to trying. Got my order in along with the Fjellene grab bag. Now to see if Ed can hook me up with the Mother Clone Zin that I missed earlier today.

And yes, I called about 7 hours ago to get on the list.